I have an admission to make.  I didn’t finish Northumberland last year.

Not sure I actually claimed I did, mind, but the Wallace Arms in Rowfoot/Featherstone/Haltwhitle/whateverit’scalled escaped me.

Is there even a place called Featherstone ?

Not that remote, but the Wallace feels a different world to the glitz of Brampton and Haltwhistle.

Drink faster then

Not sure which villages it serves, if any, and there’s no food bar the astonishing collection of snacks (no locusts, it’s not the Grove).

Just a boozer, albeit one with Sugared Cranberry hand lotion.

New one on me

Not posh, but not an “alehouse” either. Eight locals, including a dad and lad, all chatting rubbish cheerily.  It was great to just sit and listen.

Inevitable canines behind the pint

Horse racing on the BBC, the badger cull, traffic jams (15 second delays on the B6318), all present and correct.


Some of the Manx stickers were from this year, I noted.

Has North Irish Sea Dave been here ?

Plenty of Amstel, and Newcy Brown being sold, which meant the four casks weren’t flying out.


And there’s the slight dilemma with the Wallace.  In a pub I was enjoying tremendously I was finding the River Catcher a bit thin, “3 at a push” I wrote, which probably means 2.5 if it had been a Brunning & Price.

But it’s not about the beer, is it ?


9 thoughts on “SNACKS

  1. “Is there even a place called Featherstone ?”
    Yes, best known for the Red, White and Blue pub it’s on the Cannock side of Wolverhampton.

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      1. Featherstone Rovers? Do they still exist, or did they disappear when Rugby league went all Warrior and Rhino?

        There’s a cracking pub called The Elms, I think that’s classed as Featherstone (Midlands version)


      2. Neil,
        Yes, the Elms which I remember for M&B beers on freeflow electric pumps.
        I always thought of it more as Shareshill but it’s only a short distance away.


      1. The Dog and Partridge is at Calf Heath, and I remember when it was just three or four tiny rooms..
        The nearest Swan is probably Brewood, and there’s another in Whiston.

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    1. My brother in the Royal Oak, Cannock was told to drink faster or get out – but that was a very long time ago, I think when he was still at school.


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