Live Blogging from the Ear, NYC

Just for the Prof, a live blog from the heart of Manhattan, and his recommended Bass stop.“You’ll like it” says the Prof. And I do. Mid-70s US pop and the Stones plain white table cloths, relaxed feel, the Jicks on the screens, art on the ceiling.Mrs RM just said” Am I drinking your Bass?”And she was. I didn’t notice I was drinking her Brooklyn Lager.Not a beer list to rival the Blind Tiger, even with Bass and Boddies, but I think I might prefer it, particularly if it was my 10th pub of the night.Just been to the Gents. Gosh it’s a tiny pub. Like most in NYC.Look what I found by the basin.Those proper Mancs get everywhere.The Bass is decent for keg, like the stuff on the Dover to Calais ferry.

And they’ve just put on “Talk About The Passion”.

Combien reaction.

15 thoughts on “Live Blogging from the Ear, NYC

    1. Twas I that wanted live blogging – helps to keep you (and us) up to date.

      I bet that Wincanton was before Easter ?


  1. Bloody hell – when did they put a TV in there ?
    I am so not happy with that …
    The beer range never was expansive but it used to be a regular stopping off bar for blue collar workers from the nearby UPS building – until the yuppies arrived.
    There used to be a nightclub around the corner as well – I vaguely recall a bit of a contretemps with a couple of ageing queens but after I got the first couple of digs in and legged it they were unable to run after me in their heels.
    Good times.

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  2. Such a shame I didn’t know you were in NYC.
    I would have recommended Vince Giordano and the Nighthawks who play Mondays and Tuesdays at the Iguana.
    Vince works with Scorsese a lot and most of his musicians are in their 80s but stupendous live.
    Next time maybe.


    1. Oviously they were in their 80s when I last saw them.
      Probably all playing at the Locarno Ballroom in the sky by now.
      Enjoy your evening with herself Martin.I’m deeply envious.

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  3. If you can I would also recommend Burp Castle.
    They shush you a lot and play Gregorian chants very loudly.
    But an excellent selection of beer as I recall being only half-way through the crawl.


  4. “Just for the Prof, a live blog from the heart of Manhattan, and his recommended Bass stop.”

    Est. 1817? Blimey. That’s the US equivalent of any UK pub being around since the 1500’s.

    “Gosh itโ€™s a tiny pub. Like most in NYC.”

    NYC and small places go hand in hand.

    “Those proper Mancs get everywhere.”

    You put that up just to snap the photo. ๐Ÿ˜‰

    “Combien reaction.”

    And not a murmur* from the audience. ๐Ÿ™‚


    * – I kick myself for not being at Larry’s Hideaway for that.


  5. Not much difference between keg Bass and Brooklyn lager really. Get yourself to the Brooklyn Brewery tap for some of their, almost never seen in UK, esoteric brews, mostly in 750ml bottles, quite expensive but absolutely superb.

    I always try to get in the House of Brews at 51st and 8th whenever I’m in Manhattan. Big Premier league following in there (not ex-pats) and rammed for football (usually a day or two late) matches. Care advised, many of the draught beers are 8%+, decent beers on though.


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