I’m writing this on my Huawei after a session at the Blind Tiger in New York, so don’t expect much.

Anyway, Wilts.

The lovely GBG had given me 3 new Guide entries within a mile of Bradford on Avon station, the middle one an attractive mile walk along the Avon.

Gunshot and alternative lifestyles ahoy.

The Cross Guns at Avoncliff has been taunting me for years with its extremely generous open hours, but you really need to combine it with a Bradford whose micro’s hour are rather more challenging.

Despite a gorgeous location a miles walk east of town, and a dedicated railway station, some folk insist on driving to Avoncliff.

Which is just daft, as the road back into town is tighter than the City defence. (defense for our US readers).

Avoncliff seems to be just a destination pub, a bit like the Greyhound at Hawkesbury Junction.

There’s more seating overlooking the canal than inside, where the staff wear bow ties, say “Hello” twice and deserve more custom.

Sole customers. Both tourists

The view from the garden is stunning, the now ubiquitous Box Tunnel Vision is rich and tasty (NBSS 3+) and I realise what a privilege it is to be travelling round the country visiting pubs like this while Mrs RM slogs away in Deptford on IT projects.

Ho hum.

17 thoughts on “CROSS GUNS BY THE AVON

      1. I cannot see much US cask beating UK cask. The Town Hall Brewery in Minneapolis would have a bit of a chance. Dave has more experience with both, maybe he will comment on it.


  1. “so don’t expect much.”

    What’s with all the mannequins? (either whole or in parts)

    “Gunshot and alternative lifestyles ahoy.”

    Takes ‘rustic’ to a whole new level.

    “(defense for our US readers)”

    They understand defence. Just take a look at various signs at (US) football games. 😉

    “Sole customers. Both tourists”


    “and I realise what a privilege it is to be travelling round the country visiting pubs like this while Mrs RM slogs away in Deptford on IT projects.”

    It’s a tough old life at times. 🙂


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  2. Amazing…miles from home…two pubs; two days…and I’ve been in them both! Back in 2013 we hired a boat from Bradford-on-Avon and cruised the Kennet & Avon Canal for two weeks. We visited the Cross Guns twice, but only once ventured into the Three Horseshoes.

    You can read my impressions here –

    Both very worth a visit (for different reasons), but if you like Roger Whitaker…the Cross Guns is THE place to be.(we had his complete Greatest Hits album played on one of our visits!).


      1. Not many people know that Roger’s parents, Edward and Vi Whittaker, owned and operated a grocery shop in Staffordshire.

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  3. Ah,the Blind Tiger.
    The 9th pub on a 10 pub crawl I once did with Mrs PP-T finishing off in the Ear Inn,the first bar I ever drank in on my first visit to New York 46 years ago.
    Mrs PP-T had yet to start primary school.
    Not that I knew her then.
    I do hope you enjoyed your trip young Martin.

    1. Waterfront Ale House 540 2nd Avenue.
    2. Old Town Bar 45 E18th.
    3. McSorleys 15 E 7th. A bit touristy.
    4. Burp Castle 41 E 7th St.
    5. Jimmy’s No.43 43 E 7th Next door to the Burp.
    6. D.b.a 41 1st Avenue. 40 beers on tap.
    7. Puck Fair 298 Lafayette St.
    8. Peculiar Pub 145 Bleecker St.
    9. Blind Tiger Ale House 281 Bleecker St.
    10. Ear Inn 326 Spring St.

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      1. No he isn’t !
        Great pub crawl though.
        The Ear Inn is still my first port of call every time I’m in New York.
        The whole area around Spring Street is yuppified now – it was much more interesting half a century ago !

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