Right, now I’ve see the Southworths off (coincidentally they’re leaving the day Donald Trump arrives, odd that) it’s time to attempt to catch up.

Lots more from York, though not this re-opened Sam Smiths gem that I walked past four times without going in.

Classic Sam’s signage

It’s very easy to get distracted from The Ticking Mission in York.  How I avoided a pint in the Brigadier Gerard and the Blue Bell is something to marvel at.

I had one new tick near the Minster, a sure-fire pre-emptive, and a couple in Harrogate to fit in before meeting BRAPA.

Eagle & Child

Yes, Simon had generously agreed to waive his strict “no drinking on days divisible by Pi” rule to say hello.  We’d also invited Duncan, but he had some half-hearted excuse involving moths riding bikes to Monday League reserve fixtures in Lincolnshire.

I still had time to walk the walks, the cheapest attraction in York. Though if you stood at the foot of Monkgate charging tourists a quid to enter the stairway you could fund a year of BRAPA in an afternoon.

No micro here yet

I expect there’ll be a micro pub at every corner soon, but for now this is a peaceful stroll where Japanese selfie-takers are your only obstacle.

Almost scaffolding free

Leave the hordes looking for Betty’s and head up Petergate to the Eagle & Child, a Camerons pub with those lovely beers from Leeds Brewery.

Easy to miss
All your favourites

Frankly, the Leeds pumpclips still work for me, so I’ve no doubt they’re overdue for a dreadful revamp.


I took a half of Pale that’s not quite cool enough in search of somewhere cosy to sit.

Definitely not

It’s a gorgeous building, but the antithesis of a pubby one, and at 4pm any dining trade had long gone.  It has a woman’s touch, says Mrs RM, and nowt wrong with that in a restaurant.

The few drinkers were all outside enjoying the free Wi-Fi sun. A group of American students were enjoying a collective cuddle, something Trump has outlawed back in the States.

Perhaps their hug was to celebrate a Beer Guide tick, I never asked, but silently recorded my NBSS 3 (just about) on WhatPub, and moved on.











27 thoughts on “YORK – OFF THE WALL

  1. Leeds Brewery are Definitely not Camerons. Most of the pubs were sold to Cameron’s to pay for expansion at the brewery, which is quite impressive. I can assure you that Camerons have nothing to do with the the independent company that is Leeds Brewry.


      1. Pub solely owned by Camerons. I think you will find there is a clause in the contract saying they will sell Leeds Brewery beers as the core range. You will also find that Leeds Brewery are still running many of the pubs. But Leeds Brewery remain nothing to do with Cameron’s and their foul brews.


      2. Ah, sorry, see what you mean. Have tidied up that wording.

        I did know it was a pub rather than brewery sale cos I read your post which I’ve now put a link to.

        Does Head of Steam sell Leeds beers?


      3. I think they sold 7 and kept 1 -Garden Gate, but if you look on the Leeds website all the pubs are billed as Leeds brewery pubs, yet they are owned by Camerons.


      4. I remember Camerons Brewery having about 750 pubs but its not been the same since it lost its independence to Ellerman Lines in 1974.


  2. I’m looking forward to Trump’s visit for entertainment value.
    It fills that nice lull between the crap European Final last night and the Peterborough by-election upset next Thursday which eases us nicely into the summer of lolz from the Tory leadership contest.
    Add in plenty of cricket and you can see why Mrs PP-T has chosen the perfect week to go away and leave me to my own devices at home.

    Liked by 2 people

      1. Peanuts (as we USA’er are wont to say) compared to the BrExit circus. And what was wasted up to now will seem like peanuts once no-deal BrExit hits the fan.


    1. Xi Jinping said in Mexico ” First, China doesn’t export revolution; second, China doesn’t export hunger and poverty; third, China doesn’t come and cause you headaches. What more is there to be said?”

      What a pity that Trump doesn’t abide by the same principles.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. “What a pity that Trump doesn’t abide by the same principles.”

        Well, they do say that the US is catching up to China with regards to spying on its own citizens (and even ostracising them).


    2. P P-T,
      If you’re bored and lonely without Mrs P P-T you could stage a Proper Party and invite us all over ( but we’ll have to get back for Friday 14th and our Proper Day ut in Uttoxeter )

      Liked by 1 person

    1. I must admit to just having a half in one of Humphrey’s Proper Pubs, the Rising Sun, on Friday evening.
      I had just had a pint in the Hand and Shears, it was 9pm and so nearly my bedtime and I was heading for pints in the Viaduct Tavern and the Cockpit.

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  3. “(coincidentally they’re leaving the day Donald Trump arrives, odd that)”

    Oooh. Has anyone ever seen them in the same place at the same time? 😉

    “Yes, Simon had generously agreed to waive his strict “no drinking on days divisible by Pi” rule”

    That… doesn’t add up. 🙂

    “but he had some half-hearted excuse involving moths riding bikes to Monday League reserve fixtures in Lincolnshire.”

    That… doesn’t make sense. 🙂

    “No micro here yet”

    If one ever opens it will most definitely be standing room only all the time.

    “All your favourites”

    The two on the right look pretty good.

    “in search of somewhere cosy to sit.”

    Looks cosy enough in the photos below.


    My mistake. 🙂

    “something Trump has outlawed back in the States.”

    They get around it by dressing up as ‘furries’ or some such.



  4. Head of Steam was started up in 1994 by Tony Brookes/Legendary Yorkshire Heroes and were then bought by Camerons in 2013. The Leeds Brewery pubs are leased from Camerons after they were sold to them.


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