Back down the M3 at the conclusion of the charity sale (total raised – £6,501) to conclude Hampshire.

There would have been a mammoth FOUR new entries in Southampton, but one of the shiny and crafty by the Quayside had just closed. Shame.

Still, a trio of newbies, including a Brewhouse & Kitchen, so we are richly blessed.

I actually did these while the Cup Final was on, which will give you a sense of where my priorities lay. City were only 2 up as I started.

Richard slagged off the city this month, but I always seem to find something worthwhile.

Old tat
Scary pub down there

The east side of the centre near St Mary’s used to be a right dump (see Market St), but now it’s packed with places like Caskaway Tasting Rooms. Win some, lose some.

Outdoor drinking

Sometimes you don’t need words, do you? The colour coded beer boards, headed up by Becks Vier, tell you this is a comfortable bar with a nod to familiar craft, and nowt wrong with that.

No thanks
My eyesight must be getting worse

High tables, server in a pinnafore, pleasant outside area, two whispering couples.

DEADLY SILENCE says my notes.

Grief it’s narrow

Nothing happened, so why Couple No. 1 turned as I took this shot, no-one will ever know.

I think City had just scored their 4th

Like the place, the beer from Hop Back was competent but dull, NBSS 2.5.

I pressed on. City scored a further two goals as I walked west to Witch’s Brew.

Ooh, scary.

Bikes replace mobs
Yeah, yeah

Usual style. Small front room with clusters of locals, beers from the barrel at the back, lots of stuff on the walls.


One thing really stood out.

The landlady/owner/witch was simply wonderful, the best welcome of the year. Go just for her.

The Prowler was GBG standard, as it inevitably is in micros.

Markings say keep out BRAPA

If this seems a bit rushed I only had 2 hours and all the pubs were 40 minutes apart. Which is inconsiderate.

Still time to admire the underpass art on the way to the B&K and see Vinny lift the cup.

Not Bristol

What can I say about B&K ?

Suburban, food focused, and with inevitably named homebrew.

Suburban Saints

Well, let me be fair. It was the best beer of the day, you know.

There’s a Brewhouse & Kitchen lottery as well as a cask one.

But this year, in the annual new GBG entry battle of the South Coast giants, it’s a win for Pompey.

11 thoughts on “SAINTS & SINNERS

  1. Witch’s Brew is excellent – agree with you about welcome and it creates its own ambience that is different to many micros. There is plenty of good drinking pubs in the city but it has gone micro mad. Didn’t know Bar Marina has closed but it was in an unpromising location. Managed to get there at least.

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  2. Did you know, that the 14th Article of Religion in the United Methodist Discipline states, that the Romish doctrine, concerning purgatory, pardon, worshiping, and adoration, of images, as well as of relics, and also the invocation of saints, is a fond thing, vainly invented, and grounded upon no warrant of Scripture, but repugnant to the Word of God?

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  3. “Back down the M3 at the conclusion of the charity ale”

    In the very first photo is the beer ‘onletiss’ a terrible play on words with regards to ‘on the piss’?

    “Scary pub down there”

    What? The back end of a Red Lion?

    “with places like Caskaway Tasting Rooms”

    Whose website is a bit… weird? What the hell is ‘Al Freso’ seating?”My eyesight must be getting worse”

    Is there any rhyme or reason as to which colour they use for the beers?
    (and, oh god, I just got the ‘cask’ away motif — sheesh)

    “Nothing happened, so why Couple No. 1 turned as I took this shot, no-one will ever know.”

    Judging by the number of empty glasses on their table I’d say they were working their way through the coloured list.

    “Bikes replace mobs”

    Have to move with the times.


    Ironically that dog sounds like it needs its own service animal. 😉


    And a lot of it witch themed I would guess.

    “Go just for her.”

    It’s on my list. 🙂

    “Markings say keep out BRAPA”

    Ha! I bet they gave him his wonky knee as a taste of what he may face should he go there.

    “Still time to admire the underpass art”

    Of course I initially read that as ‘underpants art’. 🙂

    “and with inevitably named homebrew.”

    See my first comment.

    “Well, let me be fair. It was the best beer of the day, you know.”

    One never knows. 😉



  4. I love The Witch’s Brew. Mary (and Giz) are excellent hosts. As for the scary pub, it has a “historic pub interior of national importance” according to those CAMRA’s.

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