The normal protocol on these organised pub crawls is that you stick together, suffering the dodgy cask or keg craft, the pashminas and poodles, as a group.

Well, stuff that.  For a start our two Sheffield stars were On A Mission To Tick, running ahead to later return with tales of “warm Wainwright” and “weird vibes“.

Been there, done it, esoteric

One of the problems I have with crawls like this might be obvious from the map.


The pubs on the intinerary are just too close together.

As Mrs RM will tell anybody, I need to keep moving, and the proximity of the Queen’s Head, Swan, Ale Stop, Old Sun and Cheshire Cheese was a problem, particularly after 3hrs 37 mins in the car.

So Charles, Ian and I took the air, just like Elizabeth Bennet in Pride and Prejudice.  It must have taken all of ten minutes.

Stockport somewhere over there
Brewhouse & Kitchen underconstruction

Of course, Lizzie may have had micropubs back in 1813 but I’m doubtful she had craft keg, or signage like this, advising how proud we are of Mr R. Southworth.


I was asked to take that shot, and this goodie (well, dad of a Goodie).

There’s a certain simplicity about that one

Buxton has a plain High Street and an upmarket cluster of pointless shops and more useful bars around the Spa.

Redwillow is very classy. As you’d expect from a brewery from Macclesfield, of course.

No idea what it was before

Probably not a pub for the traditionalists, and to be fair I missed out on the Plum Porter Paul and Co. were enjoying in the Cheshire Cheese.

In the modern style

BUT.  The beer was exceptional, we thought (Reckless 3.5), the staff cheery and if it doesn’t get in a future Beer Guide I shall cry.

It’s the future, Paul

My extensive notes say “Dogs” and “Rats”.  I presume the former was the canine presence in Redwillow, and the latter a discussion about Wetherspoon’s misfortunes.

Who can tell ?





15 thoughts on “PEAK CRAFT

  1. “the proximity of the Queen’s Head, Swan, Ale Stop, Old Sun and Cheshire Cheese was a problem” – but that’s how the fifth Duke of Devonshire designed Buxton as he knew his lead miners wanted an easy pub crawl on emerging into daylight.

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  2. “The pubs on the intinerary are just too close together.”

    Ah. I was going to say no takeaways.

    “particularly after 3hrs 37 mins in the car.”

    The only thing I need to ‘move’ to after that long in the car is the toilet.

    “Brewhouse & Kitchen underconstruction”

    I was thinking more like gladiator arena with box seats in the windows.


    Would’ve been better if ‘beware’ was ‘behold!’ instead. 🙂

    “No idea what it was before”

    A Monty Pythonesque abattoir? You can bank on it!

    “Who can tell ?”

    The ‘tell’ would be (I peeked) this was pub number 11? 😉


    PS – Woke up with a head cold my last day in Mexico. Six days on (and after two days of flying with my sinuses just going bonkers) have left me bereft of wit, and sleep. It may take to the bloody weekend to get back on form.


  3. I am deeply touched, and reassured, that whilst the rest of the media are going hysterical over, and celebrating, The First Night Of The Prams, life here quietly goes on as normal.


  4. I see these comments out of their context in the posts and that one deeply bewildered me.

    BRAPA was on the Pedigree and stronger on Saturday so the 6th pub might as well have been an 8th pint. I can vouch for the entertainment value of being with BRAPA in that scenario, the barmaids he called “my little Palma violets” will hopefully make a full recovery.


    1. Sorry Martin I should have “nested” that reply properly to yours above. My reference to the newly-young Sussex probably missed normal folk too.


    2. That reminds me that I walked past the Palma Violets factory in New Mills on my way to the Rock Tavern and Royal Oak fifteen days ago.
      What a small world it is.


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