Quite a contrast between Box Hill and Whitehall, where I was meeting Mrs RM for tea beer.

What a wonderful sight London is these days.


At Victoria I admired the eponymous theatre, currently showing “Hamilton”, a musical about the disallowed Everton goal in the 1977 FA Cup Semi Final.

Robbery at Maine Road

I met Mrs RM at the Institute of Directors and looked for the nearest GBG pub.

Lord Moon

Shall we do Spoons ?”  Daft question.

I thought she was boycotting Tim’s emporia. Mind, I thought the Extinction Rebellions protestors would be boycotting Spoons too, but needs must.


It’s heaving. It always is.

One of their better outlets, though. Turnover counts.

London markups

Craft keg for Mrs RM, London Pride for me (NBSS 3.5).

View from above 2 pints

Next to us were a Russian couple, who were clearly visiting our many great tourists sites like Salisbury, Aldershot and Spoons during club night.

Spoons looking classy

The lady had a ginger beer with her fish & chips, the gent beat me to the bar to survey the cask.

Part of me wanted to say “The Pride is drinking well“.

Instead, I waited patiently as he asked for tasters of Doom Bar, Greene King IPA and Abbot, before settling on a half of the Doom.

Taster glasses to the right

I suppose I should be pleased at anyone drinking the cask.

By this time there were folk eyeing up our table, and the Spoons staff asked if we were leaving soon, a first for me.

Mrs RM was by now on a conference call with Aberdeen so I felt compelled to buy her another pint.

The Russian ale taster looked on jealously as I presented the amber nectar.



  1. That “Craneland” photo looks like what a prankster would come up with if they tried photoshopping as many cranes as they could into a single picture!

    I should hope customers are never asked “Are you leaving soon” unless they’ve really stayed for *ages* after no longer ordering anything. Their approach seems like a real anger-inducing way of doing things.

    But I suppose the committed pub ticker is robbed of the ability to say, “I’m going to punish this establishment by never coming here a second time.” 😉


  2. I am really curious about the American Amber given Mudgie’s post about the term amber… Given American brewing I am guessing it is not a bitter.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. A regular port of call for PP-T the Youngest as one of the cheapest places to imbibe in the West End.
    He’s a cider boy these days but speaks highly of Tim’s offerings.
    Was in there myself only a few weeks ago as PP-T the Eldest completed some charity 10k on the Mall and the Pride was indeed drinking well.
    Considering the hordes of runners and their families descending on the place for Sunday lunchtime pints I thought the staff coped admirably..
    It’ll be the perfect base for the trade unionists to congregate before heading in for beer and sandwiches in Jezza’s No 10.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Ah, yes, service in Wetherspoons. You can see lots of CAMRA members complain that they have to wait 60 seconds in a Spoons when they get served immediately in their (empty) local, but I have nothing but praise for their efficient and often cheery staff.


      1. The chaps and I were out last Saturday doing the Whitley Bay and Monkseaton MIcro Tour (eight at the last count, more may have sprung up since) but we still ended up in Spoons after what was a generally disappointing afternoon. Poor beer, poor (arrogant even) service in many, but good beer and friendly efficient service in Spoons.


    2. I was there last year as it serves beer, expensive London Pride, on Sunday mornings unlike his Leicester Square and Soho venues.


  4. “The Spoons staff asked if we were leaving soon, a first for me”.
    I often get that as they don’t like the venue looking untidy.

    Liked by 1 person

  5. Martin, your ability to take pics to left or right, but while facing straight ahead is indeed impressive. However, that lady’s apparent seeing sideways, but with eyes looking forward perhaps just edges it…

    Historically t’was a handy gift in Russia, no doubt.


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