Hardly any photos taken in Hull have been discarded in creating these posts. I’d love to claim it’s the quality of the photographer or my new mobile phone recently offloaded by Mrs RM, but frankly it’s just because at dusk this is a marvellously photogenic city to stroll round.

Guardian set here in Capital of Culture year long gone
Proper church

Tomorrow morning I may have claimed that this famous toilet was set to become a micropub in the same way as Temple of Convenience has become the must-visit for Manchester’s  pub cognoscenti, but I’m above that sort of nonsense.

A future micropub to rival Manchester’s Temple of Convenience

I did need the loo, actually. Occasionally I read BRAPA rather than just looking at his pictures of angry people, and he’d raved about Vintage, a future GBG entry-in-waiting. See how I skilfully plagiarise his blog title.



Either side of Vintage you’ve got the pub heritage of the George and the White Hart, so what makes this micro pub so good ?

I dunno.


No, it’s not the art, or the musical tat, or the pornographic filth.  It just felt cheery, quirky and welcoming.  Same cheery barmaid as Simon reported on (they work long stints in Hull).


The Yorkshire Rose was fantastic, you’ll be relieved to know. Cool, rich, resinous

And decent lacings

The folk popping in for pints weren’t your Farley’s or Scale Street crowd, just normal Hull folk having an after-work pint and debating the impact of Meaningful Vote 2 on the Tiger’s prospects for the rest of the season.

Normal people + no pashminas = Great pub

I’m amazed Simon didn’t bring you pictures of the loos. That print of Olde York is marvellous.


Oh, I forgot.  His battery ran out.  How convenient.

7 thoughts on “VINTAGE HULL

  1. Love the stretch neat the corn exchange. I can still remember walking there after having visited the Whalebone. The photos make me wish we had stayed there overnight rather than just doing a day trip from Beverley.

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