I feel I’ve neglected Mark Crilley of late by forgetting to add videos of classic 1983 UK pop hits.  Here’s one I’d long forgotten from our Antipodean convicts cousins.

I had 12 minutes to wait for the 19:08 from Wigan North Western to Bolton, scene of my final tick.

Time for a quick half in the venerable Wigan Central, a national Top 4 pub. A few minutes delay would be helpful.

All your favourite destinations
Note the DW, scene of a famous robbery last February

EVERYONE I’ve ever met who’s been to Wigan (5.5 people) raves about the Central, mentioning that train times board.  It’s not unique, you know !

The train carriage themes seating is a draw, too, and brings in people with pashminas as well as ponytails.  It’s a typical “allcomers welcome” station buffet, except it’s round the corner under the arches.

High seats and low seats

What I like about this place, apart from the mix of visitors, is the unfussy beer selection.  You’ll have heard of the breweries if not the beers, so you’re spared the worst tickers excesses.

The staff are unflappable and cheery, so I’ll forgive the branded uniform, always a turn-off in these award-winning pubs.

All your favourite jam jar colours

The Abbeydale was exceptionally crisp and creamy (NBSS 3.5+), so success hasn’t gone to their heads.  Even sitting along the side wall, it was a decent places to eavesdrop on Wigan domesticity over a beer.

Just don’t go in the music room if you’re allergic to scatter cushions.


Yes, of course I made the 19:08.  By a whole 8 seconds.


11 thoughts on “WAITING FOR A TRAIN

  1. I recently saw a documentary about Australian pop and rock which informed me that Flash and the Pan were in fact Australian, and came from the same Vanda & Young stable that spawned the Easybeats and AC/DC.

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  2. Thanks for the shout out, Martin. Here I was thinking I was on top of things when it came to songs that got on the radio in the UK in the early 80s, but I completely missed ‘Waiting for a Train.’ That being said, I didn’t even hear ‘Six Weeks in a Leaky Boat’ until a couple years ago, so clearly my attentiveness was haphazard at best!

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