Almost an Associates reference there, which will mean nothing to you lot.

Note how I drag you in with a bit of Donnington, too, perhaps leading you to expect another trashing of the Cotswold cod liver oil they call beer.

But no, this was a Saturday lunchtime in Rugby, buying those little leads that go from the charger to your mobile phone that magically make it work, and my LAST TICK IN WARWICKSHIRE.

Just edged Pubmeister to this one

Apparently Duncan was trailing me on Saturday, no doubt following the dripping pink marker as I reminded myself what a surprising place Rugby is, by turns earthy and stately.

Should have got Mark Crilley to paint it rather than the child from Daventry
The other Rupert

Our intrepid band of pubbers were discussing our next crawl. Rugby is high on the shortlist, with a dozen possible boozers in a compact centre.

Middle England
Keg but that’s ok these days
Manns livery = bound to be good

I’m not sure if the Town & County will be on the list,

Get your card out

but that’s only because it’s a club and might not let lapsed CAMRA members in (not that it checked my card).

A design classic

Top marks to the barman, who not only had the (limited) opening hours on the door but got back to me within 2 minutes when I checked Christmas opening. Try that on a micro in Meopham.

I know at least 100% of Forum members who’d go for this beer line-up.

Beers you’ve heard of alert.

£2.60 a pint for the Gravediggers too, a decently kept, cool beer (NBSS 3).

Very old CAMRA magazine NOT given to US Dave

Not much BRAPA action yet, but then it was 11.30am. No music either, so you had to talk to each other. Be warned.

The couple were putting up the Pull Tab Lotto posters, a mystery to me, and debating the taking down of the deccies.

Leave him up all year

Typically, I left just as the crowds descended. Despite the Donnington beer mats, a worthy new entry.

One thing. Those padded things at the bar ? Are they style icons or do folk here headbut the panels. Si should find out.


  1. Why doesn’t every small town, trad style boozer/WMC put a selection on like that? Butcombe may be a tad innocuous, but is always steady away. We need more pubs selling more quality beers like these. Quality.

    New year quiz question – where can you still find Boltmaker on sale, but badged as Taylor’s Best Bitter (which is what it is).

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      1. Always had you down as a Kitchen Person…
        Back to pubs/beer. In my Zetlandic exile I’d kill for any of those beers.
        Seen those padded things on bars before, always assumed they were to cushion the impact of kneeing the bar, but thinking about it, who’s ever kneed a bar?

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  2. “Alive and kicking at the country club. we’re always sickening at the country club.” — By chance that was one of the records I bought back in the early 80s, and it made quite an impact on me; I even went back and bought tracks like “Skipping” and “It’s Better This Way” years later; not sure they were recorded as well as they should have been, but they were remarkable songs, by any standard.

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  3. “Note how I drag you in with a bit of Donnington, too”

    A bit of the old sleight of hand there.

    ” Rugby is high on the shortlist, with a dozen possible boozers in a compact centre.”

    Ticks all the boxes then.

    “A design classic”

    The beermats clinch it.

    “Those padded things at the bar ? ”

    Convenient replacements for the red ones should one wear out? No bloody idea.


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    1. Mmmm, you could be right. Actually, the only fight I’ve ever seen in a pub (and a Beer Guide pub, too) was just out of Rugby centre. Bloke bashed his head on the bar, a padded bar would have helped. Rarely discussed in pub circles, that.


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