You’ll remember my failed attempt to conquer Corsham, whose bizarre Flemish Weaver had suddenly switched to Winter hours just as I tipped up in Autumn.

Well, I never give up.

Me waiting for the Weaver to open
Unusual barrel multi dispense

My immediate thought – “Have I entered the ultimate care home ?”.  Room after room off a passageway to the bar, each with be-cardiganed gentlefolk sipping tea amongst the chintz.

Chintz.  And fire escape.

But then other rooms hinted at parlour pub.

Is this real ?
Real fire

Hard to find a comparison, and obviously a labour of love, a bit like an upmarket Yew Tree in Cauldon crossed with the Royal Standard of England.

Bench seating I think

Perhaps a few too many scatter cushions for the purist, mind.

All seating styles are here

It took a while to find the bar area (the Landlord was indisposed).  Warning: It’s a bit busy.

Note dog bowl
Spot the handpumps

At least the beers (perhaps too many) are ones you’ll have heard of.  The house beer is Wadworths, too, not some twiggy murk from a shed in Frome.

The old school Landlord, replete in woollen waistcoat and tie, returned from taking a booking and serving coffee to ancient ramblers.  I sensed asking for the most popular beer was pushing my luck.


So I went for the one with the Styrian hops (joking, joking).

A better use for jam jars

And it was very good, too, cool and chewy (NBSS 3.5). You can trust Wadworths.

I sat there, waiting for customers to entertain me. None came, perhaps shown straight to their table.

Weird lighting varies by room

Instead, I was treated to an OAP soundtrack of “C’est La Vie” by B*Witched, and a dozen grandfather clocks striking the hour (they were all wrong).

Clock strikes the hour in a Pewsey accent

Utterly weird, slightly disturbing, completely unmissable, whether you go for a quick beer or to explore its treasure trove of antiques.

If you find yourself in Chippenham you’ve gone too far.   Or not far enough.




  1. On other matters I popped into my local Aldi today and while browsing those middle aisles of useless crap you don’t need but very often buy I came across Bottom Sniffer, ” a beer made specifically for dogs. ”
    The label read Not for Human Consumption but the contents included Non-Fermented Beer Wort from Concentrated Barley Malt,Bladderwrack Seaweed Extract,Extract of Natural Chicken Flavour,Burdock,Dandelion,Flax and Nettle.
    Sounds quite tasty.What do we think ?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. P P-T,
      I first saw bottles of that on sale in Hebden Bridge.
      It’s no coincidence that on my day out there I commented “Hebden Bridge is Proper Yorkshire and within an hour of arriving there I realised that more whippets than mobility scooters is a sure sign of it still being a vibrant wool trade town. I thought that it’s not a bad place that has far more dogs, all well behaved, than children in and around the proper pubs”.


      1. …but I generally avoided it, on account of the dogs, as you rightly describe Paul.

        The Fox and Goose also sported a sign long ago – before its community takeover – which said “We do not serve any French produce” – one of the more idiotic things I’ve seen in a pub. It also stank.


      2. That just goes to prove that nine hours in a town isn’t long enough to get properly to know it.
        “We do not serve any French produce” is a bit like being in one of Tim’s venues except that he extends it to 26 other European countries.


      3. Etu,
        I can think of someone in Sussex who would disagree with that “pubco for skint no-hopers” description.
        I am NOT going to be drawn into discussing on here “EU exit good for business” or not.


      4. Sorry I just slipped into my day job mode of writing the Daily Mash’s headlines for them.

        I do use ‘spoons now and then and some are quite good IMO.


  2. “Me waiting for the Weaver to open”

    Nonsense. You should have two of your phone, pink highlighter and GBG guide in your hands.

    “Unusual barrel multi dispense”

    Had me fooled for a second. But then I noticed there are five beers listed at the bottom and only four ‘taps’ at the top. 😉

    “Bench seating I think”

    Could almost double as a snug.

    “All seating styles are here”

    Not sure I’d like one of those ‘face’ cushions staring at my backside while I sat there.

    “Spot the handpumps”

    The Cask Marque gave them away. 🙂

    “Weird lighting varies by room”

    You’ve been getting that in a few places lately.

    “by B*Witched,”

    B*Witched? Is that the bearded hipster version of band names? 😉



  3. “a dozen grandfather clocks striking the hour (they were all wrong).” –That must have been something to behold!

    I’m a big fan of this super-cluttered kind of look, though I’m sure it’s not to everyone’s taste. And having all the “gentlefolk” around as customers would make me like it all the more, no doubt!

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