After a few posts basking in the reflected glory of toping with BRAPA, I feel a bit guilty about bringing you a few more where nothing happens except for me asking for a drink, it being poured and me drinking it. Sorry.

But at least you get some nice pictures of Hebden Bridge, a sort of pashmina purgatory for the Pennines.  The TIC can use that for free.

I had half an hour before Drink ? opened, which is enough time to bump into a dozen people saying “Sorry” when they haven’t done anything, and take in the bits of town that make it look like a high class Halifax.

Unusually shaped micro there
The walk to Heptonstall is a corker
Bridge to nowhere much

Oh, forgot the map. I keep forgetting some of you are Southerners and have never been further north than St Albans.

All your favourite “H”s on one handy map

It’s noticeable that Hebden has become the new Holmfirth almost overnight, a place that folk go to just to spend £2.80 on a cappuccino and stare aimlessly in shops of no interest at all to them.

The Fox & Goose is a tremendous boozer, but it’s the Trades Club with its mix of Shoreditch hipster and Wheeltappers & Shunters Club that has the best evening out.

Sorry Dave.  You missed that one

At least I have a reason to be there, and Drink ? wins points for daring to open at 11am on Sunday, which would never be allowed in Todmorden.

That ? is really annoying

I always have a frisson of excitement entering a traditional multi-room Proper Pub with its inevitable odd-balls and rituals, but the new wave of beer shops/Taps rarely surprise.

Barrels for seats, beer books, two shelves of bottles. This could be Sandbach or Sheffield or Southend.

But the seating is well-judged, and it’s cosy enough.

Your chance to sit on a Beavertown keg
Something strong for Mrs RM there

Best of all, there was (temporarily) a choice of one on handpump.

What every serious Pub Man wants to see
Cask put in its rightful place

Tip to pubs: If you’re going too have one beer on handpump, make it a North Riding.   This was a first-out-of-the-pumps-on-Sunday NBSS 4.  Cool, rich, tasty.  Exemplary.

Bravo !

No-one to annoy or eavesdrop on, a manager setting up, so I just admired the artwork.

Actual stairs somewhat scarier
Whatever happened to them ?

I’ll confess I did wonder, just for a moment, what a pint of Tetley Bitter at Drink ? would taste like. Perhaps Mr Coldwell could persuade him to give it a try (the Wolves version, not the Leeds pale imitation).


13 thoughts on “HIP HOP HEBDEN

  1. I expect to hear of your and Mrs RM’s jaunt to Michael’s for a “Dylan Weekend.” I know what we’re doing next year. Wonder how many of those he sells…

    Liked by 1 person

  2. With regards to the first photo (and the fact that the Little Theatre is in the background) was the theatre putting on that little known musical, Lo! Velife?

    “which is enough time to bump into a dozen people saying “Sorry” when they haven’t done anything, ”

    I think ‘sorry’ is the Canadian motto. 🙂

    “Unusually shaped micro there”

    I’ll have you know I had to lie down for three days for them to get that right. 😉

    “All your favourite “H”s on one handy map”

    About the only other thing that’s readable is Morden on the far left. I thought that was the southern terminus of the Tube’s Northern Line?

    “which would never be allowed in Todmorden.”

    In my defense the ‘tod’ bit doesn’t show on the OS map. (blush)

    “This could be Sandbach or Sheffield or Southend.”

    A lot of them do look like they were all ordered from the same Ikea style micro pub shop. 🙂

    “Actual stairs somewhat scarier”

    Crikey! Isn’t that the stairs/escalator from the Morden Tube stop? 😉



      1. “You could refer to Bing Maps on your own computer if you like.”

        I usually bring up Google Maps with you lot just for the Streetview. 🙂

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  3. You had half an hour before Drink ? opened which was enough time for a pint in t’Old Gate which opens at 10am daily and served me a right proper pint of Moorhouses a few months ago.
    You can’t be far from St Albans now.

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