Only five photos from Oscars in Morley, and not a lot of cultural context to bring you about a proper old market town in Greater Leeds.  After a week ferrying BRAPA and Pubmeister to their pubs I fear may be turning into a ticking machine.

I’m sure there’s more attractive buildings in Morley, but I’ve failed to record them for you.

Agent Orange


Oddly, this is the first time a town of 44,440 has troubled the GBG scorers in my ticking time, despite it still hosting 20 pubs.  I guess there’s never been many entries in the other towns around the centre either; I’m sure Mr Caldwell has a suitable conspiracy theory to explain it.  Micros and Tap rooms are certainly democratising the Guide.

Shamefully, this is also the first time I’d set foot here.  Pleasantly hilly, full of takeaways and history, but I’d probably fail to pick it out of an identity parade containing Pudsey and Farsley.

Anyway, beer. I’m sure Richard appreciates the exciting beer range at Oscars (his review here), starting with some weird Spanish microbrewery and ending near Goole.

Nice range

The word on the left at the bottom may have said cask, but I can’t read Yorkshirish.

Shiny taps for Richards
That’ll do

Good to see Atom on the bar, even this was served as cold as the keg, a bright and breezy NBSS 3. “Shudda had the Frisky Bear” says Richard, probably.

What is there to say about this wave of little beer bars popping up from Bournemouth to Carlisle ?  Boxy, high table hell ?  Or cosy, informal and sociable.  Your call.



11 thoughts on “MORISH MORLEY MICROS

  1. “Agent Orange”

    That’s soooo 70’s. The current fave is Orange Man Bad. 🙂

    “but I can’t read Yorkshirish.”

    Who can? 😉

    “What is there to say about this wave of little beer bars popping up from Bournemouth to Carlisle ? Boxy, high table hell ? Or cosy, informal and sociable. ”

    Definitely a discussion to have over a pint in a pub. 🙂
    (I’m beginning to think pubs are evolving into something more for the younger generation as opposed to us lot. And I’d say that’s something that has been happening since time immemorial)


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  2. Some fair points. This is my own take . Judging by the tap list, you must have been at about the same time I went recently when we visited my daughter who lives nearby. To answer why it’s the first GBG pub in Morley, I would tell you there are some cracking trad pubs in the town, but none that would attract me, my wife and daughter to go into the town centre for a drink before we had tea (I realise down south your daughter may invite you round for dinner, but in these parts it’s tea time). This is the first ‘cosmopolitan’ style bar in Morley and has closely been followed by Beer thirty across the road, which is the Truth Hurts brewery tap – I’m surprised you didn’t take opportunity of the pre-emptive tick? The only other place I’d feel happy in Morley is the decent ‘Spoons, although I really like Morley, in terms of pubs, it’s very much a local place for local people. Looking at what is happening, and house prices, and the various mill conversions into trendy apartments I get the feeling Morley is on the way up.


      1. They are all in massive modern industrial units now. It’s nice top see the old mills being preserved though. The one my daughter lived in was really nice, although they’ve just moved because they wanted a garden.


    1. My daughter’s never invited me round for tea. I expect that is mainly down to the fact that I don’t have a daughter.

      I too wish to confess to having never left the railway station at Morley. Always assumed it would be a suburban dump. I should never assume. One day I will right the wrong.

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      1. No it’s wonderful. Town Hall is stunning. People are lovely. Morley Market is famous. there’s a statue of World Champion and record holding cyclist Beryl Burton. And a Wilkinson’s pie shop. It’s definitely not suburban, it is Morley and has a fierce identity. I remember they had a campaign for everyone to put ‘Morley – not Leeds’ as their address. It is still part of Leeds really! Although significantly all the locally elected representatives on Leeds City Council for Morley borough are Morley Independents.


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