Coffee -the next to be subjected to Govt limits

The second new tick in Poole was the “attractive old all-rounder” that is the King Charles.

More locals than tourists. beers you’ve heard of, pub grub, Willie Nelson cover of “Ghost Riders on the Storm“, you know the type. In Cambridge it would be the Baron of Beef, I guess.

What Americans think all pubs look like
Duke of Monmouth unfortunately found the Punk IPA off
Historic sign consigned to the wall

Poole only has the 3 GBG entries (blame the micros in the ‘burbs), down from half a dozen when I first visited. Getting out of What Pub and into the GBG proper is like getting out of that Group of Death that Scotland are always in.

An attractive stock of Proper Pubs (e.g. the Waddies pub round the corner) has been supplemented by all the chain places you could possibly not want, including a B&K that’s possibly the only one not to make the Guide this year.

No dining pub/homebrew horrors in the Charles, and Professional Drinkers keeping a safe 10 feet apart so they can have a shouted conversation and you can see the bar.

PD 1 shouts to PD 2

Secretly, don’t we all long for a beer range of Doom Bar, Sea Fury and Landlord ?

30p samples

Yes, it really does say 30p for a sample, either to allow tickers to tick pubs and rare beers like Doom Bar easily, or because folk you ask for a taster are massive *****.

Two lads in their mid-20s came in, stared for a while, and “played it safe with Doom Bar“.

Disaster – Sea Fury off

I ask the chap at the bar with a menu what he’s just ordered as the (exceptional) barmaid scuttles off

“What’s that, mate, Landlord”

No it’s Timothy Taylor

Your dull is someone else’s rarity.

Not dull

I order a seafood stew and take my exceptional (left to condition) pint of Landlord (NBSS 4) to the table with the best view.

Best seat in the house

For ยฃ12 I get superbly fed and watered, and a little bit of comedy just for my benefit.

Often it just involves asking for things that aren’t on the menu, but occasionally you get real gems.

How many children you got Bill ?”

“Five. That I know of, obviously. One in every port.”

Loads of unrepeatable stuff about Trump, holding hand with Theresa May, aliens and the lady who’d fell off the cruise ship.

Obviously she floated. She’s a woman”

“What would you do if you fell in Len”

“I’d drown”. I bet he wouldn’t.

Great pub. And they said “Cheers my dear” when I left.

37 thoughts on “THE (GBG) POOLE OF DEATH

  1. That 30p 50ml sample is illegal. No question. End of.

    This is the pub I chose to visit in Poole as it was in the GBG – otherwise it would probably have been the Poole Arms. Nice olde-worlde pub, but I had a dull and tepid pint of Landlord.

    You missed the Bass mirror!

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      1. Obviously not. What you should have done is to contact the local trading standards. The contact details are always in the back of every CAMRA magazine. Whether they actually have trading standards in Dorset is another matter.

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  2. “Secretly don’t we all long for a beer range of Doom Bar, Sea Fury and Landlord?”
    Err no, nice pub though, when I was there in June It had both the Sharp’s beers and Tribute in place of Landlord, and like mudgie’s pint of Landlord the quality of the Tribute was rather poor.

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    1. Citra,
      In Cornwall this week it wasn’t just Doom Bar and Sea Fury / Special but all sorts of local Sharps beers including their cask Honza Lager.
      You’d love it there !

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  3. Never seen the 30p sample before and note PCโ€™s comment so may not see it again. Liked the Group of Death but! Been to this pub twice, second time when Maltmeister needed it. Poole has had so many in the GBG over the years. Keep hunting for those 2019 stickers….


  4. “and Professional Drinkers keeping a safe 10 feet apart so they can have a shouted conversation.” –Had a good chuckle over this, I can just picture it!

    Thanks for always reporting the little salutations like “Cheers my dearโ€. The sheer variety of them is impressive. ๐Ÿ™‚

    This is my first time hearing of Sea Fury. Is it a good one?

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    1. It tasted ok to me in the 3 Kings in Haddenham, where Si also had it recently (I think), like a less sweet version of Doom Bar. Not sure if there’s a market for it as you often see Tribute instead.

      I do like those little sign-offs.As Mudgie has noted, the only human interaction some old folk get ๐Ÿ˜ž

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  5. Shouldn’t be allowed to put a proper beer like Landlord on the same list as factory produced muck. I have to applaud your courage though. There is no way I would try a pint of Landlord down south. Not only is it notoriously difficult to keep properly (hence some of the comments above), I wouldn’t fancy it drawn without a sparkler, how it is meant to be. And don’t so many southern pubs just serve their beer a touch too warm? Certainly to my taste anyway. This all the draws the obvious question as to why they didn’t have a Locale on?

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      1. Fresh pint of Landlord, cellared for the right amount of time, straight out of the cask, that’s where it’s at – so much flavour it could pass for craft ๐Ÿ˜‰

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  6. “What Americans think all pubs look like”

    There’s a bit of truth in that. ๐Ÿ™‚

    “Historic sign consigned to the wall”

    Did that inspire Mr. Washington’s crossing of the Delaware?

    “PD 1 shouts to PD 2”

    Is the person centre frame wearing pajamas?

    “30p samples”

    And why are the samples in mls?

    “โ€œNo itโ€™s Timothy Taylorโ€œ”

    We have similar over here. Back in the 80s folks would ask for a Molson’s… rather than an Export, Golden or whatever. ๐Ÿ™‚

    “โ€œFive. That I know of, obviously. One in every port.โ€”

    I didn’t know Poole was one of the Cinque Ports. ๐Ÿ˜‰


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