Highly tempted to skip the next two Wilters, because not much happened (Russ “Does it ever”). But as Maslow said, self-actualisation comes from doing your blog in the correct order and writing witty comments under photos. And it may give you the chance to berate me for slagging off a pub you like.

I start in the less than bucolic surrounding of Westbury, home to the Hollies. your archetypal basic Wiltshire town pub. An absolute joy after what felt like months of pashmina/Prosecco/Emma combos.

Far from Frome in every sense


So would this be a case of “Just One Look (and I put you in my Top 100 pubs)” or “Bus Stop (where is it ?, I need to get out of here)“.

Two smokers sitting on the benches outside look me up and down with suspicion, and rightly so, to be fair.

I assume Pubmeister has been here, but I bet this debut in the Beer Guide hasn’t brought in coachloads from Bath and Shepton Mallet (do people ever leave Shepton Mallet ?).

I approach the bar with trepidation

If there’s a food trade (and WhatPub says it’s 12-11), it’s well-hidden.

Very blokey, very cheery, very boozy. Like a Bass local in Swadlincote, without the Bass.

The Landlord is jolly, and perks up even more when I ask for one of the real ales, like a waiter does when Prof Pie Tin orders the Cheval Blanc ’47 in Rules.

joy of joy, just two beers on

Twisted Barrel and Paradigm Shift.  In Westbury !  No wonder it’s in the Beer Guide.  I bet the locals are thrilled, like they are in Spoons when they get a Mark Kimmich beer.


Anyway, you can guess what the Paradigm Shift was like, can’t you ? A bit awkward finding somewhere to sit, with all the locals spread round the bar and feeling daft taking up a whole table myself.  #FirstWorldProblems


But at least there was some classic reading material, even if you’d expect to see it in a Melksham gastro or ironic Warminster wine bar.


Whatever happened to…


Anyway, a Proper Pub, with unrepeatable World Cup banter and a reminder of what micro would be like if they were transplanted into proper pubs.

Talking of micros..


  1. “(Russ “Does it ever”).”

    Pfft. I would ‘never’ say that. With the caveat that Si seems to have more that happens around him. 🙂

    “Far from Frome in every sense”

    I can see what you mean about jumping around. I recognise that OS from a few posts ago!

    That being said, it’s too bad the Hollies Inn isn’t part of the US Days Inn chain. Then it would be known as the Hollies Days Inn. (LOL)

    “I approach the bar with trepidation”

    I could swear the TV on the left is showing some sort of mobility scooter races.

    “joy of joy, just two beers on”

    Just a heads up but my wife heads out of town for two weeks starting Friday. I would appreciate it if, during that time, you don’t post such risqué photos while she’s away. Seeing a woman’s bra strap during that time will have me all a flutter.

    And what’s with the gent putting his flat cap on the bar? Pubhermit will tell you a gent should always keep his flat cap on whilst in a pub. 🙂

    “Whatever happened to…”

    Sigh. Definitely a ‘female’ thing. They have to tread a fine line between respectable and, um, skanky. With gents all you can tell is that he has a wife to dress him (or not even that if she’s away from home – hint). 🙂

    “Talking of micros..”

    Tease. (that’s your way of dressing skanky, innit?)



    1. “And what’s with the gent putting his flat cap on the bar? Pubhermit will tell you a gent should always keep his flat cap on whilst in a pub.”

      Russ – indeed so and there are very few exceptions, but you are allowed to take it off – a) if the missus is with you and insists that you shouldn’t wear it indoors, or b) if you are taking the classic ‘pint and flat cap on the table’ photo…

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  2. I always liked that Hollies song.
    Why are those blokes wearing thick jackets in a heat wave ? I wouldn’t be surprised if they’ve got maggots.
    “Gibbs Mew” makes that pub sign at least twenty years old and the smaller sign suggests that en-suite came in since then.

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