Next stop on the Cotswold caper was Fossebridge, a hamlet comprising a btidge and a hotel for folk too posh for Bourton-on-the-water (is that even possible ?).


Keen readers of “Notes from a small island” will know that Bill Bryson came here to unveil Roman mosaics at Chedworth; I came here for an irritating middle-class hotel bar tick, which is more impressive.

Bridge over the River Coln
Fossebridge Hotel

It looks exactly the sort of place that Hugo and Henrietta drive out from Cheltenham to dine at.


It’s nice to have a pub in the Guide with 6X and Butcombe on the bar;

Proper beer range

it’s less good to have a pub in the Guide with EVERY table with a RESERVED sign on it.

RESERVED for television addicts

Despite ALL the tables having RESERVED signs, there was only one table actually in use, with a nuclear family being licked by the pub dog while they perused the menu. The dog was called Maisy,you’ll be pleased to know.

The pleasant landlord recommended the Windrush, so I had that, seated at the bar, enjoying the sound of “Staying Alive” competing against the BBC News (score draw).


Jam jars, reserved signs, a dog called Maisy; you guess what I thought of it.









34 thoughts on “FUSS ON THE FOSSE WAY

      1. No other ale drinkers so I must have followed the “what’s most popular ?” approach. I’d never normally go for a micro. The sparkler you get found here doesn’t suit the beer. Those Prescott beers taste very dull.


  1. I’ve said it before… GBG selection should automatically exclude these places but you’d think the lack of beer quality should do that anyway.

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    1. Many branches seem to simply look at the selection of beers or the bar without paying much regard to quality apart from,maybe, having a couple of halves in there over the year and finding it not too bad.

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      1. Exactly. Many members only visit rural pubs on once-a-year coach trips on a Friday night when a half of cask will be not bad and then a pub serving local micro is going to be regarded higher than one selling Greene King and Abbot,

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    2. Restaurants are often slightly better on beer quality than you’d think, despite low turnover. I quite like the variety of outlets and being able to moan on this blog. If every pub in the Guide was as good as the Tynemouth Lodge I’d struggle !

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  2. But wasn’t “EVERY table with a RESERVED sign on it” despite there not being a customer in sight because the landlord knew young were on your way and wanted you to take photographs of the exterior, not interior, of the pub ?
    And surely “The pleasant landlord recommended the Windrush” because he thought you should go forth overseas !

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      1. Reserved signs are a terrible thing but some pubs at least have signs saying “reserved from such and such a time” which means you can sit there until said time approaches. Not ideal but better than nothing.


      2. What is even worse is if you sit down at a table and are told to move because it’s “for diners only” despite there being no sign.

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      3. I know, or when signs say “Reserved for dining” or “Reserved for 3 or more diners” without any implication they’re reserved for specific pre-booked groups.

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