On to the Freewheel, conveniently built just 20 minutes walk away and on the return journey to Faversham.

Slight detour required

Graveney, probably listed as Goodnestone next year, is home to some tremendous oast houses, a pub and not much else.

Kent cliche

I’ve seen more attractive exteriors.


But inside it’s all happening. Bicycle repair shop, chintzy café, and practice room for the Faversham Formby Folk (FFF).  That’s my guess, they’re all strumming ukuleles and delivering a creditable version of “When you walk in the room“.


Someone will tell me they’re from Sittingbourne and those are sitars, I bet you.

Oh joy, a cycling themed beer.

No, never heard of them

In a cycling themed pub, there’s only one beer to pick.

And one place to park yourself.

Great fire

It’s a decent beer (NBSS 3) without being stunning.  I sense the Ukes are on orange juice.


Of course, no pub is complete without a great playlist.  Here you get an all-time classic, just for Scott of Scotland.





    1. “Psychic abilities triggered by some most enjoyable Cromarty Pibroch this afternoon.”

      Ah, that explains it. *

      * but only if it was in a Thistle glass. (LOL)


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  1. Andy Stewart at 9.30 in the morning is rather a shock to the system, so I don’t think many of us will thank you for sharing that.

    Those of us who are a certain age will look back with horror at the shows he hosted for the BBC every New Year’s Eve.

    Nice looking pub though.

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  2. “and those are sitars, I bet you.”

    I tried to make a “sitting” joke but it’s too early in the morning for me (just one sip of beer so far). 😉

    “And one place to park yourself.”

    What else does one do in a cycling themed pub but ‘park’ yourself. 🙂

    As for the answer to “Donald where’s your troosers”…

    Probably nicked by the “Scoosers”?
    (those darn Liverpudlians)


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  3. That Andy Stewart video looks like something that Mike Myers or Jack Black would spend a lot of money trying to recreate, and it wouldn’t end up as funny. 😉

    The one night I was in The Castle in Macclesfield there was a small group of musicians practicing in the back room, sounded like some sort of Eastern European folk music. I do love the idea of a pub being used for this sort of thing; judging from your post, it’s more common than I realized.

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