Apart from visiting all the current Beer Guide entries, I’d like to be able to place on the map any UK village you care to mention.

I’d never heard of Humshaugh. Sounds northern though, doesn’t it ?

More names for Russ to be amused by, no doubt

It’s very smart, the sort of village that Essex hides away from the world but Surrey sticks in the pages of Country Life.


Lacks a little in street art, unless you count the empties this chap left out.

Blue Nun ?

A little Wiki research reveals that not only is Humshaugh on the course of Hadrian’s Wall, but it’s also famed as the venue for the first official Scout Camp, and the home of the bloke who wrote “Little Donkey“.  Quite how I failed to get a post title out of that lot I’ll never know.

Anyway, The Crown Inn.  Imposing rather than gorgeous, perhaps.

The Crown.  Solid.

But it’s the inside that counts, and this is an unpretentious village pub (lunch specials for a tenner) and a buzz of post-pudding chat.

Stag, fire, proper food

The Landlord was particularly cheery.  I did my usual “Which one is selling fastest” and got the less usual “They’re all going well today“. So I had the Tyneside Blonde.


This was my last beer before we entered Scotland, and  I made it a pint.  I knew Mrs RM would be happy to make frequent comfort breaks along the A68.

I took my pint to admire the model cars in the games room.

Games room
1 point for every car identified

The Landlord’s son was playing remote control cars with his mate. Goodness know what BRAPA would make of all this; I thought it was charming.

Even in the Gents, there was no escape from motors.

Wrong way up

Looking at that now, I can’t decide which way up the photo should be (75 points).

There’s a theme here.  Look at their Facebook page and see lots of classic car themed events, as well as the more sensible “Leeks and Onion competition“.

As a break from the cars, there were Dinosaur Top Trumps on the bar top. In London, they’d serve your lunch off them, here they were just random.

Some of those are older than me.  And more intelligent.

Anyway, the beer was wonderful (NBSS 4+).  I told the nice man it was cool and tasty.  Apparently some CAMRA folk think it’s too cold (12 deg C at a guess).


As CAMRA enters another round of soul-searching, can I assure the Plough that serving its beers cellar cool is the only way to go.  Warm beer is strictly for the Smoke.





  1. I remember on a car journey up to Scotland when I was about 12 (and thus given the role of navigator) having to insist to my dad that Humshaugh was the place NOT to follow the signs for, as it’s off any main route.

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  2. “More names for Russ to be amused by, no doubt”

    LOL, indeed! But I’m on my phone getting ready for bed so no witty remarks from me. 😋

    “Blue Nun ?”

    Good Lord. That takes me back to the 70’s.

    “Stag, fire, prope food”

    Either the food was proper or used as props? 😉

    “Apparently some CAMRA folk think it’s too cold (12 deg C at a guess).”

    One of these days I’ll have to come over and try proper cask. 12C seems way too warm to me. 🤔


    Oh, almost forgot. With regards to the Crown Inn:

    “Imposing rather than gorgeous, perhaps.”

    Not surprising really. I mean, look at the bush in that first photo. Most modern pubs would have a much better trimmed bush than that. 😜

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  3. Just shows how much when you visit a pub changes the experience. My midweek afternoon visit had poor beer quality and boorish chatter. That’s the perils of assessing somewhere on the basis of a brief one off stop.

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    1. Exactly right. Imagine how much your visit would be spoiled if you visited at the same time as a pub ticker in a Hull City shirt for instance.

      Certainly not a classic looking pub, but the beer was my pint of the day (or was it ?).

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