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I should give these little posts a special name.  How about “Little Posts” ?

Next up is Hexham, which I probably said enough about last time I was up here. It hasn’t changed.  Except for a new Guide entry and a Starbucks (or WiFi stop, as we call them down south).


Mrs RM stayed in Corbridge on her last ski trip down the A68, and certainly Hexham’s little neighbour has the edge on pubs, whatever the current Beer Guide says.  From memory, Corbridge had six pubs in the ’94 GBG I bought, and we did all of them on a memorable night in Easter 1994.

Hexham has the Abbey and the posh shops, and the factories.

Flotsam on the Tyne

Some typical Northumbrian street art that Mrs RM would have enjoyed, if she hadn’t been eating Scandinavian pastries in the Starbucks.

I have no idea about this one

Hexham isn’t really a town you associate with rebel art, it’s closer to Saffron Walden than Saltaire.  There’s quite a few similarities with Saffron, with handsome streets, antiques,

IMG_20180114_131849 1.jpg
Another busy high street

and a lively Spoons.

IMG_20180114_132444 1.jpg
Nice Spoons

I thought about using the Spoons vouchers burning a hole in my moth-eaten wallet, but remembered I was on strict timings, so headed into the Heart of Northumberland. It’s shown as the Heart of All England on Google, so clearly has had to change its name following a legal challenge from Fenny Drayton.

It certainly looks a handsome place, sign apart.

IMG_20180114_131914 1.jpg

The crucial words here are “pub and kitchen” of course. A hex on you, all pubs with the word “kitchen” on your sign.

It’s a thin pub, where’d you’d bump into folk if everyone wasn’t seated for their Sunday ribeye.  If you want to experience an Islington Sunday with nicer people, this is the place to come.

IMG_20180114_132256 1.jpg
Sunday lunch

But wait ! Lovely staff (this is getting dull) keen to give me tasters of the beers, and who actually knew which was the nearest brewery (Allendale).

IMG_20180114_131936 1.jpg

The Golden Plover was pleasant enough NBSS 3), glass notwithstanding, but no-one wants to stand up in a dining pub, do they.

Glass fail


I’d told Mrs RM I’d need 20 minutes to do the 0.8 miles both ways, forgetting that WhatPub measures as the crow flies.  And that Hexham has hills.


Not for the claustrophobic



27 thoughts on “HEXED IN HEXHAM

  1. “I have no idea about this one”

    I think maybe with those wings, he’s supposed to be a Phoenix? 😉

    “with the word “kitchen2 on your sign.”

    At least put ‘kitchen’ in quotes… as you meant to do. 🙂

    “I’d told Mrs RM I’d need 20 minutes to do the 0.8 miles both ways, forgetting that WhatPub measures as the crow flies. And that Hexham has hills.”

    Yes but… not ‘busy’ at least. 😉

    And as for the map; I’m biting my tongue not to comment on Cock Wood, Swallowship Hill and the various ‘Ho’s (e.g. Black, Ochrelands, Beaufront Red and Stagshaw). 😉



  2. I know Tim likes to feature the history of some of his Spoon palaces, but he is still an unsung hero for repurposing some lovely old buildings isn’t he? (Provided he doesn’t close them down again). Hexham’s lovely old art deco style cinema is a perfect example of one that is often hard pushed to find another use in a smallish town.

    Her Majesty should re-direct one of those ‘sport star’ knighthoods his way…(discuss)

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Of course Timbo should get a knighthood.
      He’s a self-made man who employs 37,000 people,saves buildings from dereliction and does more for real ale than just about anyone else.
      But he’s a very vocal Brexiteer and in today’s climate it’s a safer option to give a gong to a loser like Nick Clegg and other assorted Westminster parasites who’ve never held a proper job in their lives.

      Liked by 3 people

      1. Titles are irrelevant.Especially when you’re dead. Call everyone by their first name and scrap all titles.

        But Timbo has done more for pub going, real ale and family dining than anyone, and will be missed when he’s gone. Same with Humphrey.

        Liked by 1 person

    1. I were being facetious, You’d be amazed how many GBG pubs give CAMRA discounts. Too close to paying for inclusion in a guide for me. I thing GBG pubs should offer excellent beer.

      You’re right, and Mordue a favourite (partic Workie Ticket) but I like to try stuff.


  3. Not just Kitchen in the name but Bar and Grill gets my goat cheese on focaccia..Nothing is ever grilled.It’s is always deep fried.
    And don’t get me started on Eating House.
    Mrs Professor Pie-Tin’s bête noire is pan-fried.
    I can hear her now,in a loud voice aimed at the waitress, ” you’re hardly going to fry it in a kettle are you love. ”
    Lord knows what she’ll be like next time she sees pan-fried on the menu if she’s still off the fags.

    Liked by 1 person

      1. That’s funny because my local Chinese,the Wan Hung Loe doesn’t have wok-fried Singapore noodles on the menu.
        Pan-fried first appeared on menus of provincial restaurants at around the same time they started calling gravy jus.


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