More cultural references, this time a celebration of the Pistols gig in 1977 which led to the banning of all young people under the age of 30 from Cromer*. Forever.

Sid has aged well, less so Glen.

I never thought I’d get two posts out of Cromer, but that’s 2017 for you.

The only pub I remembered was the Red Lion, in fact it’s possible we stayed there. Gone from the good book in favour of the Welly, but I thought I’d better test it out as Pints & Pubs had said it was still decent.

But first a 55p sausage roll (live as you dream, folks) from the Co-op (probably second-hand), and a stroll along the front which was experiencing Gale Derek.

Gale Derek in full force

I then popped into a record fair next door, where only an extravagant price tag put me off this purchase from these post-punk popsters.

1978’s finest

Some more attractive old shops for OAPs too.  Lizzie sells giant Brussel sprouts.

Beer shop
Classic tobacconist

Back at the front, the highlight was watching a Volvo attempt a 16 point turn on the tiny quayside.  I assume they put on these displays for the tourists.

16 point turns attempted here

More impressive hotels, including this French themed one which sneaks onto WhatPub by selling bottled beers.  Form a queue.

Hotel de Cromer

The Red Lion looks plain enough from the front.


Inside it’s “pleasantly smart” rather than “pretentiously smart” (see: Burnham Thorpe).

The lounge is a bit chintzy and Christmassy,


but the public bar was as lively as you dare hope for in Cromer.  It looked like all the town drinkers were here, or taking turns to puff away on the quayside.  Banter about “Old Barry” and his scaffolding (not a euphemism) and gold-digging wives.

The revolving door

It was a lovely place to drink, even before they put the Shakin’ Stevens on.

Four blokes at the bar made way for me.  From a large range, I recognised the Lacons Affinity.  It was cool and tasty, NBSS 3.5 at least.

Is that enough beers for ya ?”  they mocked.

They were all on Stella and Bud.  What is it about Norfolk and Budweiser?

“It’s the Albion you’ll be wanting”

I prefer a pub with one beer”  I said, nervously.

They burst into laughter simultaneously.

It’s the Albion you’ll be wanting then !!”


I sensed the Albion was Norfolk’s version of the Slaughtered Lamb, but I wasn’t going to find out. This time.



*So Simon may have to wait a year or two before his visit.


  1. “What is it about Norfolk and Budweiser?”

    What is it about anywhere and (American) Bud? 🙂

    “*So Simon may have to wait a year or two before his visit.”

    LOL. We have a place about 130km from me called Parksville which would be the Canadian equivalent (and funnily enough on the water as well). 😉


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    1. Good grief you’re quick off the mark. Bud seems to be very popular in rural Norfolk, even well away from the US airforce bases on the Suffolk border. You don’t see draught Bud much elsewhere.


      1. Merely serendipity Martin. I had just finished reading (and replying to) your first Cromer when this one popped up. 🙂


  2. nearly all rural Norfolk pubs are like the slaughtered lamb, the Albion had a 10% CAMRA discount, which does slightly upset that theory that local branches only put certain types of pubs in the guide, but Ive always preferred Sheringham to Cromer myself.

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  3. About 15 years ago, I decided to “tick” Norfolk , I pulled out the trusty GBG , called and booked a room at the Red Lion for one night. We then spent 6 hours driving there from Stockport for one night in this throwback to the Fifties town. Cant remember the beer or the room or indeed anything but some odd shops which your photos recall and the flint church. The things you do to tick things off…

    Liked by 1 person

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