A reminder of my Bedfordshire Pinking Progress (a follow-up Bunyan never thought of, I’ll wager).


Note how I score beer quality using my patented system, rather than pubs, which is why the Brewhouse & Kitchen gets 2 ticks (NBSS 3.5 in new money).

How would Woburn score ?

Part of me refuses to believe Woburn isn’t in Buckinghamshire*. It’s the sort of worthy but dull little place that has made Simon’s trips to finish off that county such a joy for us to read about.




For the positives, I count several fields of sheep, and a large park of rather less docile animals. It’s an excellent place to spot quaintly dressed Retired Gentlefolk, a species of mammal I make a habit of hunting down in their natural habitat. Which is the Loch Fyne Seafood restaurant, of course.


Woburn really could be a tiny Great Malvern, without the hills and proper pubs in the outskirts, but possibly with more posh tailors and ladies carrying dainty bags.


Not only is it a street full of hotels where they call you “Sir“, but the Bell Inn even occupies separate buildings both sides of the A4012 in a vain attempt to increase the pub stock.  They’re both Greene King.

While I waited for the micro pub to open (there’s a first), I contemplated a flat white at Woburn Coffee House. It looked more inviting than the champagne bar.



But being working class scum I hadn’t made a reservation.

Luckily the Woburn Ale House opened early, as micros are wont to do on Fridays, and looked a lot more down-to-earth.

Two lads on the Freedom lager, a Geordie who hadn’t paid, and the sort of comings and goings you get in an estate pub in Derby gave it some atmosphere, but in truth it was a slightly characterless building serving overpriced beer (£1.95 for a half of mild, NBSS 2.5, nice homemade label).




My first micro of GBG 2018 a mixed bag, then. Si will love it, Duncan will already have forgotten it, I was wishing I was 5 miles south in Leighton Buzzard.


*I feel the same way about Leighton Buzzard, but that’s a great pub town.

11 thoughts on “WOE-BURN

  1. I’ve driven through Woburn (but always give Flitwick a wide berth) quite a few times over the past few years, only stopping once for a beer, at the Bell (the building on the east side of the road, of course). Didn’t know Woburn now had a micro-pub, but whenever I’m out that way my route always goes through Henlow too – hard not to always think the Engineers is a better option.

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  2. I always find it interesting how often you see two pubs directly across from one another selling exactly the same beers. Over here you would almost never see that these days. Of course there may be some duplication since some bars have over 70 taps…. How clean can those lines be?

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    1. Totally agree with Dave regarding two pubs/bars opposite selling basically the same thing.

      That being said, over on this side of the pond it is not uncommon to find, say, Starbucks opposite each other on the corner of the same intersection (out west) and, in Canada at least, two Tim Horton’s (coffee) on the same intersection down east. 🙂

      Kind of like finding cafés everywhere in Paris.


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  3. Won’t get to Bedfordshire for 3 weeks. Just finished Berks (all 4 new ones in East Berks, none remarkable) and need 1 in Oxon that will have to wait a while longer. Low turnover in Beds, Bucks, Herts and Berks.

    Re Dave’s comments there are a small number of places where the same pub/hotel extends across the road. The George in Brecon has its signage on two different streets. The Green Man and Black’s Head in Ashbourne, Derbys has its pub sign above the entire street- said to be the longest in the world.

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  4. Since when did a traditional afternoon tea consist of such bizarre things as cheddar cheesecakes and blue corn tacos? If they want to spout rubbish like that, you should have gone in and turned the tables over Martin. Part of me would love to see how they’d cope if I turned up without a reservation demanding round the twist pesto bread.

    Is the lion an example which escaped from the local zoological park?

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