(Five points for the obscure song reference).

One day into North Wales and already I’m getting my Llangollen mixed up with my Llandudno.  That’s a bit like getting Wrexham confused with Wexham Park. Or Capel Curig with Chapel-en-le-Frith.

capel curig.PNG

Not many new GBG pubs in the interior of Abercolwyn CAMRA, but the Ty’n-y-Coed is a welcome return to the traditional roadside inn after months of Ember Inns, micropubs and social clubs.

Pleasingly, a deluge greeted our arrival by stagecoach.


We entered what is politely called an unfussy (as opposed to boutique) hotel, empty  lounge bar to the right. That’s empty at lunchtime on Saturday in mid August.

Then I saw this…

Surely not ?


Two things jump out. Firstly, the availability of Bass, in a place that supports locals breweries. Secondly the care and attention in hand colouring the pump clip (they could have had one of my spares).

I’m sorry” I said, more to the Purple Moose than the young barman, “I’m going to have to have a Bass“.

Don’t apologise, it’s a great beer“.  Bless his heart.

And it was a very good pint in the south Derby tradition (NBSS 3.5), unexpectedly so. Mrs RM was almost converted.

The pub was delightfully unmodernised, right down to the burgers on plates.




At 1pm,it was just us. By 1.30,it was heaving with soaked folk, all pretending to have walked in from the Llanberis Pass.  They didn’t fool me.


That pass is stunning, the tour of the emergency power station (Electric Mountain) a must, the beer choice in Llanberis rather less so.




Nothing in the Beer Guide this year, despite some robust looking drinking houses.



So I took some soundings from Gwynedd a Mon CAMRA and picked up a bottle of Cwrw from Menter Fachwen the High Street gift shop. I almost got a taste of it, too.




  1. Jake Bugg is is far better in my opinion not so boring like a rolling stone and others Dylan has droned on about ,and he sings about places that no one would ever go to like Clifton, a large council estate to the south of the River Trent.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Bless your little heart, Russ. Love that article.

      We might use it over here when someone is a bit slow (Mrs RM says it to me).
      I meant it sincerely !

      Yes, a couple of old boys came in, necked a Peroni each in quick time, and left.

      Thanks for the comments !


      1. Glad you liked the article. 🙂

        And I knew you were being sincere in your use of the phrase; that’s hardly surprising given your professed love of Bass. Just wasn’t sure if you know about how the phrase can be misconstrued elsewhere.

        “Yes, a couple of old boys came in, necked a Peroni each in quick time, and left.”
        Ahhhh. Seeing as how you mentioned no one else had been there until 1:30pm (when the rain soaked folk came in) I though you and Mrs RM had made use of those glasses! 😉


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