Into Gloucestershire, and a rare chance to show you an incomplete page from the Beer Guide.


I think you’ll agree it looks much more impressive in bright pink than the dull green used by one of my GBG completist enemies chums. On our family trip toward Somerset  this Sunday I should be able to clear the entries around Bristol, though those newbies in the Forest of Dean are going to be a challenge.

This is one of my favoured counties, with some of the best urban pub walks around Bristol, and hilly rambles around sumptuous Stroud and it’s never-ending commons.  Premiership fans may enjoy the pubs in Huddersfield (if police let them in), but League 2 supporters* will get an even better match-day experience at Nailsworth (unless they’re carnivores).

Cheltenham down to Stroud, of course, gives you the glories of Slad, which does tend to attract a few folk who’ve never been in a pub before.


I’ve already told you about the Cheltenham pub (work it out for yourself).


Great town, lovely mews pub, dull beer.  That’s all I have to say about the Beehive.


Except I wish Otter would sample their magnificent beers in Free Houses so they realise what damage dull beer does to the brand.

Just before you get to the Woolpack, you pass the Black Horse in Cranham, which is pretty much the unspoilt Cotswold village local our American friends dream of, but rarely find.



It’s the sort of pub where you instinctively say “Hello” in your jauntiest (terrifyingly so) voice as you approach a crowded bar full of chat.

I won’t lie, and say they greeted me as a long-lost cousin, but it wasn’t “American Werewolf in London” either.  It was just your average pub experience, with a cheery bar person.  Most young bar people are cheery, oddly enough.

Mr Cheery

Over a decently cool Prescott** (NBSS 3), I learnt more about the two visiting couples than I know about my own family.

Looking at my notes now, I wonder how I stayed out of a conversation taking in carrots, the Philadelphian punk scene, shared interest in tree surgery, and the relevance of Boston to Americans (1775 and all that).

The shot heard round the world” had faded by the time it got to Stroud, apparently.

Most excitingly of all, our American guests had to have the contents of a delightfully concise menu explained to them.

So,  what’s Gammon.”  “Really !”

And Shepherds Pie ?  Are they local shepherds ?”


I never did find out what Homity Pie is.  Mind you, I don’t know what “Po-Boy” is, and I’m going to LA at Christmas.

And I never did find out what the lady thought of her (Laurie Lee approved) pint of Robinsons Cider either.


*4th tier, just to annoy Tom

**I had Prescott in a box alongside Cottage; is that unfair ?


  1. Nailsworth vegans were foolish to win the Play Offs if you ask me. I get to walk over to Guiseley, and then visit Eastleigh and Solihull by the end of the month.

    Last time I was in Cheltenham I walked past the Sam Smith’s place, which looked very much unlike any other I’ve seen. Closed at 9pm on a Sunday of course.

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  2. Nice looking pub, but what’s wrong with mature bar staff? What’s wrong with actually having the landlord or landlady behind the bar. Okay, I know they can’t be there all the time, but whatever happened to command and control, supervision and quality control?

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      1. I disagree with you on that comment Martin,
        I think grumpy people grow up grumpy so they are grumpy when young and stay grumpy when older.
        The same usually goes for happy people who smile when young and do the same when older.
        I would like to think i still have a young outlook on life at 55 and i do like to live the weekends like it is my last one.

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  3. You may not see a Po’ Boy in LA. At least not a real one. Originated in Louisiana I believe. Often a sloppy seafood based sandwich. Quite good if done right.


  4. Taking a look at your pinked out GBG i have been to all of the Bristol areas not done within the last two years,i did pubs in Kingswood on Saturday 29th July 2017,the only one that comes to mind is The Kingswood Colliers Wetherspoons.
    I thought it was a nice urban area that merges into Bristol City proper,lots of shops and pubs.

    I did almost all pubs in Horbury a couple of years ago,it has to be the Drapers Arms another cloned micro pub.

    Stokes Croft is an hard one for me to pin down,so many pubs there,i would hope it is The Pipe & Slippers or keg only Love Inn as these would be great names for a pub on your blog.

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  5. Interesting to see Robinsons Cider from Tenbury Wells in the far north-west of Worcestershire getting their name on a pub sign so far from their home ground.


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