You think of something that goes well with “Frodsham”.  I couldn’t.


It seems only last Summer I was in Frodsham. And indeed it was.  Spookily, I finished the Cheshire GBG entries for 2016 here as well, albeit on a disappointing note.  If I’d followed my instincts to pop in Kash 22 last August, I’d have saved myself a journey.

But then I wouldn’t have made an overdue climb up Beacon Hill, taking in the church,


the pretty pub,


and the odd one.  Bizarrely, the Belle Monte is a Sam Smiths house.


Walks neared Malverns quality, though the pleasing views sadly didn’t stretch to Runcorn’s chemical works.


Back down at Kash, I confess I feared the worst, which would at least have given me a ready made blog title.


But it’s a corker, one of the best half hours I’ve spent in a pub this year.


So what did the man from Kash (we’re on first name terms) do right ?

  1. Said hello
  2. Gave me time to explore the options rather than saying “Whadyawant ?”
  3. Provided a cosy bar with plenty of proper seating, and a burger-led food trade not interfering with drinking
  4. Was interested in his beers
  5. Served a cool glass of Plum Porter* (NBSS 3.5)

And that’s enough in my book (*other good beers are, apparently, available).

Not everyone will appreciate the musical ephemera, or the music, in Kash. This chap knows his Van the Man, though I might outscore him on Half Man Half Biscuit (5 points for the HMHB reference).



But surely no-one can resist this pub toilet classic;




15 thoughts on “FRODSHAM FROLICS

  1. Interestingly, Frodsham rather than Runcorn was where I did much of my formative drinking, as most of my schoolmates lived there. I remember going in the premises now occupied by Kash 22 when it was Kydds Wine Bar and had Lees Bitter, then a rarity for the area.

    In the 1960s, I recall the unusually garish signing on the Bellemonte and Sam’s other pub in Frodsham, the Golden Lion, for “Noted Taddy Ales”. How the wheel comes full circle.

    Incidentally, while the hill may be marked on maps as “Beacon Hill”, locally it’s always just referred to as “Frodsham Hill”. Back in the day it used to be crowned with a Helter Skelter.


      1. Yes, demolished in 1977, apparently. And I’ve been down it myself 😛

        There’s a good picture here, although earlier it had been painted in red-and-white stripes. It was claimed to be the tallest helter skelter in the country.

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  2. Nice to see Leeds featuring again, despite the post being about deepest Cheshire!

    Like Mudgie, I have fond memories of Frodsham. My wife, also from Runcorn, and her friends used to travel to Frodsham rather than Runcorn for an evening out. We used to go in The Belle Monte quite a lot because Mushy, the landlord at the time (early 80’s) was a big mate of the Father in law. He’d been apprenticed to the wife’s old man at ICI. I used to like going out with him around the area because he was an ex football player and quite well known in the area, which meant you didn’t have to dip into your pocket very often! Especially in downtown Runcorn.

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      1. No, in one of the photos it clearly says ‘The Who live at Leeds’. Exactly where they lived is unclear, but I have seen the claim made many times on posters and album covers.


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