I’m sticking to strict chronological order, which means that Alan Winfield is now more up-to-date than me with his latest post from home (here), a post that sets a new standard for “sensible drinking“.  I applaud him.


Our own, more modest journey took us down the M3 for a fifth time this year.   The M3 roadworks acquire a hypnotic quality after a while.

A first trip to Warsash, a place I’d have confidently placed on the Cornish/Devon border before last week, which says a lot about the paucity of Guide entries between Southampton and Fareham over the years.

Warsash 2.PNG

You can see who The Ferryman is aiming for immediately, a giant covered smoking area and a pitch for the canine trade;


This is a typical low-key village pub, devoid of diners late on Tuesday lunchtime, with just a couple of smokers and lazy sods like me for midweek trade.  There were many more cars in the car park than customers in the pub, despite the usual signs threatening ritual disembowelment.


Beer festivals and the promise of interesting micros are presumably what gets you a GBG place down here.  Seasoned beer drinkers can assess the beer (Bowman Quiver) from the photo below.


Actually, you can’t. Once the chill wore off it was fine; a tasty NBSS 3.  Pompey CAMRA pick on beer quality.

A quick stroll down to the Hamble takes you past expensive houses and pretty cottages, with the Rising Sun and it’s Strong’s livery (top) almost drawing me in.  But then I saw the Greene King sign.



Onward, inevitably to Denmead, and the Fox & Hounds.


My son and fellow blogger Matthew has a mate down here, who I hope has been shielded from the Sodom and Gomorrah of the pub loos.


I can only report what I see, folks. This is the one photo I can safely reproduce without upsetting my target readership (Mrs RM).  Think those “What the Butler saw” machines you find on Brighton pier and you’re getting close to the true horror.  The pages are taken from a Ronnie Barker book, I was told.

Believe or not, the loos aren’t the highlight/lowlight here. Nor even the Doom Bar.


Once again, it was the welcome. WhatPub says all-day opening, but you arrive at a pub at 2.50pm with a sense of dread these days.

HELLO  !! Good day for a beer” is what you want to hear, but so rarely do, particularly in what’s basically a dining pub.  Chatty without being intrusive, this was a top notch Landlady (I guess).  Carly Simon and Oasis played at a decent volume just for my benefit no doubt.

In truth, the Boltmaker was nearing the end of the barrel, but this wasn’t the time or place to complain

Only one Hampshire pub to go now, and it’s a Pub of the Year, apparently.  I can’t wait.


7 thoughts on “A HAMBLE GAMBLE

  1. Thanks Martin for highlighting my blog Martin.
    I can comfortably drink 14 pints without any problems and i know the wife had well over 8 pints and a double cognac on Saturday,i know i had a lot more than 14 pints so over my limit.
    The powers that be should re asses these stupid drinking limits to what we have been drinking for well over 30 years.
    Maybe to 30 units a day for men and 20 units for women,that is for drinkers who know what they are doing like we do,i did push it a bit too much on Saturday,but we were having such a good time,so a big blow out every now and again should not be too much of a problem.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Glad you liked it Martin,
    I may do more of our drinking sessions that will include many pubs not in Camra’a GBG or ever likely to get into the GBG.
    They are proper pubs where normal people like us go drinking,and i think far better than beer festival pubs with loads of real ales on the bar and full of real ale twats talking about it.
    We had a great day out from start to finish and did not moan that it was Courage Best or Doom Bar we were drinking,that is what you get in normal pubs.


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