A few short posts to get my photo backlog sorted, and because it’s (still) too hot for more than 400 words.

old malton.PNG

On to the Royal Oak in Old Malton, average age 62.4. Just north Malton to you and I.  A pleasant mile stroll for me, no doubt a £10 taxi ride and an argument with a cabbie for young BRAPA.

What a gorgeous looking pub;



Inside and out, it’s very York, from the wood panelling and settles, to the flagstones, to the woolly jumpers and the pie night.


A classic two-roomer with a compact tap and the relaxing sounds of Don McLean. And not a sign of a “Reserved” notice or a plastic menu.


Of course, nowhere is perfect. Scatter cushion alert…


Along with Guzzler (!), there was a rare encounter with Copper Dragon, the forgotten Yorkshire beer. Ten years ago Golden Pippin was the golden boy, the Oakham Citra of the age, popping up in every West & North Yorkshire free house.

This was my first Pippin encounter of the year, and almost as good as I remembered it, the proof that good cellarmanship overrides beer fads.


Mrs RM’s landbier was OK, but rather spoilt by those flowers in the stein.

Next, we enter the 21st century Malton. Be not afraid.



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