Steal with pride, particularly blog post titles. And ALWAYS include a cat picture. This one from near Bonhommes in Filey.

It’s been 15 years, back to Euro 2002 and Sven, since I was in Filey, staying in a caravan at Reighton Sands during our “posh” phase. In all the time since then, the Beer Guide entry was pretty much the Imperial, featuring Copper Dragon and (hurrah) John Smiths Cask.



But, out of nowhere, Filey has acquired itself two new GBG entries. And a micropub.  And some sunshine.

Filey really feels a long way from anywhere, an outpost of East Yorkshire battling to maintain independence from Scarbs. I liked it (again) immediately.

Bizarrely, I started at the pre-emptive micro.


If the Cobbler’s Arms doesn’t get in the Beer Guide I shall drink a pint of Doom Bar in Maidenhead; I’m that certain.

Obligatory dog, obligatory  folk sitting at the bar, obligatory bench seating, obligatory local beer scoring NBSS 3.5 (Hop Isaac Poad).


But, breaking the micro mould, it also had Coors Light, a family room, and free tax advice (mostly, don’t trust someone called David).


If it’s not in GBG 18,someone has had dodgy tax advice.

New GBG entry No.1 is a proper pub,with proper scaffolding.


And proper bloke banter over unrecognisable R&B. Plus an atmosphere that said “locals” pub, down to pool table and recognisable beers in a wide range.

Luckily someone chose the Guzzler before me, making my choice easier.  It was a very decent Guzzler, at least compared to the Welsh one last year.


Another cheery pub with decent pricing, worthy of its GBG place.

The town is quiet but pleasant, with a touch of Seaton Carew about it.


An unremarkable but layered seafront had a few gentlefolk strolling the promenade, seemingly wishing they’d paid the tenner extra to stay in Scarborough.


But then, you stumble across the steps up to the crescent,


and it all looks rather smart in a 1950s way.


Bonhommes Bar is an effort to find, but worth it for a bit of refinement and a hand drawn Theakston pump clip.


I;m not saying the carpet was dusty (clearly, I am), but I couldn’t stop sneezing, so had to down a bargain half of Rudgate in about 5 minutes.


That was enough time to enjoy “Video killed the radio star“, a personal favourite from the same year the carpet was last cleaned, and a bizarre conversation about pizza.

Apart from the food being the wrong food it was lovely

It was actual Italian pizza, not your English rubbish

Filey is very Hull, and a bit Saltburn.  Which is fine by me.



13 thoughts on “FILEY FAX

      1. I did read that and enjoyed it. My wife and I were in a pub in Derbyshire talking to a young couple. I asked them of other places that would be non-touristy where we might like to visit. The man said after much thought “Filey”. His girlfriend said “they won’t like Filey. They’re tourists.” He replied, “they’re not tourists. They’re in here.” I always laugh when I think back to his reply.

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      2. The train service is a bit sparse on the section of line between Bridlington and Scarborough, though.


  1. “But then, you stunble across the steps up to the crescent,”

    I take it you “stunble” going up, but stumble going down? 🙂

    PS – Love the “Hello Darkness” name for a beer beside Guzzler in one of the photos.


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    1. Stunble is Fen for “unexpectedly something that stuns you with it’s unexpectedness”. Stumble means fall over. 😉

      Only noticed the beers to the right of the photo now you mention it. Think I judged they weren’t flying out !


  2. The first proper LP i bought was Pink Floyd’s Wish You Were Here,this was because my Dad had got a new music centre and borrowed loads of LPs from a work mate,they were mainly Pink Floyd,Black Sabbath,10 Years After and Genesis,i really liked the Pink Floyd albums and some of the Genesis ones,but not struck on Black Sabbath,so i went to the local music shop in 1976 when i was 14 and got Wish You Were Here,it is still one of my all time best albums along with Whats the Story Morning Glory and XXs XX.


  3. I went to Filey on the 25th August 1998 and did all open pubs in the town 8,
    The Star was a Camerons tied house and the Belle Vue was a keg Tetley tied house.
    I thought the town was quite boring with not a lot going for it and nothing down at the sea front.
    I like to see arcades,chip shops,pubs and sea food stalls when on a sea front,Filey lacked all of these.

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