What a joy to be in a Shropshire Joule’s pub on folk night ! As Pub Curmudgeon noted yesterday, the New Inn is Newport’s GBG pub, and a good example of the Joules style, though with a bit more going on than usual.  A programme of free music, beer and rum festivals to keep Sunday night custom up.

For a change, have an aerial view of Newport.

New Inn.PNG

I’ve no memory at all of the New Inn before they took it on it on, but it’s now very Joules.  The only room that wasn’t packed within sight of the band was this cracker.


Not the night to poke my camera into the nooks and crannies of the New Inn, but their classic adverts never fail to take offence.


Cheery young staff were just about coping with cheery young punters at the bar, so it’s a good job Joule’s keep a tight, standard range that the barman knows off by heart.  Staff who have to turn all the pumpclips round to work out which beer is which never inspire confidence, do they ?



Standing room only to watch The Endings, Telford’s finest good time folk rockers, appearing at pretty much every Salop pub this Summer (if we’ve not already had it).


An immaculate pub, beautifully restored, and with good acoustics for this sort of light folk fun.  A decent (if not stellar) pint of Pale too, though in this heat I’d be going for the Green Monkey next time.  Summer does that to you.



7 thoughts on “NEW INN, OLD FOLK

  1. Looks pretty decent to me. Unfortunately I am not acquainted with Joule’s pubs or their beer. Although I ought to do more frequently, it’s not often I venture into those, to me in any case, almost forgotten parts of England. Maybe I ought to get a camper van????


      1. Good point but I may be needing some camper van advice at the weekend owing to developments but shouldn’t be chit chatting on a blog comments section so see you later!

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  2. Good to see a Joule’s pub busy, as when I encounter them at lunchtimes they’re generally pretty quiet.

    I have to say, while the New Inn ticks a lot of boxes for me, my visit was slightly spoilt by:

    (a) on a sunny but not particularly warm day, wedging all the doors open, thus creating a chilly draught inside, and

    (b) playing 1950s jazz/swing-style music,which isn’t really conducive to enjoying a quiet drink

    Paul Mudge reckons they removed a number of original historic features when they refurbished it, although the end result seems pretty good to me 😀


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