A nice little pre-emptive tick at The Hippo and some praise for The Hut.


Duncan had mentioned the Hippo as worth a look, so with 15 minutes between acts I popped into the basement for a half.


You could be in somewhere proper crafty like Falmouth.


That’s a lovely beer range, and the Hippo is a really pleasant place to get completely slaughtered on quality craft for very few quid (joking). It’s a good job Mrs RM was safe back in Waterbeach or that Windswept Russian Imperial might have taken a beating.


The Gun Extra Pale was good (NBSS 3), though quite how I missed the Cloudwater is still beyond me.

Bizarrely, “Love Will Tear Us Apart” was playing for a second time that night.  When I got home my 15 year old son was playing Unknown Pleasures. Move on, folks.

A really cheery crowd were drinking a range of beers, though the only snatch of conversation I caught, “This is really symbiotic” was a bit random.


Then back to King Tut’s as the dusk descended on St Vincent Lane.


Tut’s is a tiny little venue, almost small enough to qualify as a “toilet”, but with quality running through the diverse musical programmes, organisation and the sound set-up. Everything apart from the beer choice, in fact.


By 10.30 p.m. I was knackered from 12 miles and 12 pubs, so I wasn’t able to fully appreciate Marika Hackman’s startling moth-to-butterfly act. The transformation from acoustic folk/baroque to pop-punk thrash took me unawares, but good for her.

Never stand still.

Great LP too.







4 thoughts on “HIPPOS, HUTS & HACKMAN

  1. I hope Falmouth is not too crafty as we are going there on holiday in August,a new county for me to drink in.
    I would rather drink Doom Bar than any overpriced craft crap.


    1. Some might say that DoomBar is simply overpriced crap, but whether or not it is as overpriced as overpriced craft crap, I really don’t know.
      You can update us hopefully after your trip to Falmouth in August ?
      Of course, in Falmouth, they probably add a tourists’ surcharge in August !

      Liked by 1 person

    2. Falmouth has some crafty places but you’ll spot them a mile off. They’re called Mono, Hand and Beerwolf Books. I liked them all.

      There’s plenty of proper pubs, you’ll love Falmouth. I need to go back there.


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