Another in my occasional series of pubs you can walk to from the Motorway Service Station if you’re not quick (and you’re not driving, of course). A sort of alternative to Mr Protz’s guide to the Great North Road, perhaps.

I haven’t heard from Alan Winfield for a while, I hope he’s OK. There’s something for him at the end.

Today’s new Guide pub is in Derbyshire’s Newton, under no circumstances to be confused with Newton near Cambridge.

I’m not sure how where’s you say this Newton was. “Just above Alfreton“, which no-one has heard of since their football team did a Histon, or “just south of Clay Cross“, home to some of England’s best “workingmen’s pubs”.  You could say it’s “near Hardwick Hall“, but no-one has ever found a way to get there, so “near Tibshelf Services” will do”.

Tibshelf maintains that glorious tradition of naming Motorways Service Stations after the nearby obscure place you’ll never actually visit in it’s own right – Trowell, Corley, Leigh Delamere, Clacket Wood.  Tellingly, none of these place have ever had a Beer Guide entry in their own right.

The walk takes 10 minutes (8 minutes for Mr RM), and gives you some pleasant undulating views to the Amber Valley.

The New Inn is the sort of plain entertainments focused social club/pun that dominate the mining villages up to Chesterfield.


Perhaps it’s old age, but this is very purple, isn’t it ? Perhaps a tribute to Mr P.R. Nelson that’s overstayed it’s welcome.

Tellingly, the cask is all in one corner of the pub called the “Real Ale Corner” where there’s no-one at all, so I have no problems seeing the jam jars choice.  Depending on your perspective, this either paints cask as a premium or a niche product.


Ahead of his visit in 2019, can I make Si aware of the CAMRA discount scheme.  I missed it, and have been in torment ever since.

It was a jolly half of Dukeries Best in a jolly pub, slightly marred by being served in a vase but still a solid NBSS 3.  Good work Mansfield CAMRA.


A few too many high chairs for some, but one of the most mixed crowd at a village pub on a Saturday tea time you’re likely to find. Folk still dress up for their Saturday night out here, unlike Mr RM.

Two TVs showing two different games a bit of a strain on my mental faculties, mind.

Be warned Alan, this is Rams territory.


  1. I am fine Martin,thanks for your concern,i have been trying to sort out over 500 pub photos which Asda seem to mix up so a massive job.
    I was alright until i saw the scum flag,i went in the New Inn on the 13th October 1987 when it was a John Smiths tied house,there was also a Mansfield tied house we did called the George and Dragon,sadly done at night and no photo of them.


  2. I have done all pubs in Toddington,all pubs in Leicester Forest East,the one pub in Trowell the Festival Inn famous for its grab a granny nights,all pubs inTibshelf.
    Not so good on other motorways though.


  3. As you know I am very open to all types of venues in the GBG but I draw the line at anywhere with purple underlighting. I have been traumatised by such lights ever since being served a freezing pint in the National Brewing Museum bar.

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