The title doesn’t really work with a cannon, but there you go.

My last Berkshire pub was in Eton, which must be a first.  I remember the Waterman’s Arms, a classic Courage pub in its day, but the Crown & Cushion is a blur.  The George  must be the first new Eton pub in the Guide in a decade, though to be fair the chances of a micro-pub or Wetherspoons here must be slim.

Actually, this would be my second trip to the George in a month, following my pointless trip a month ago. Never mind, it gave an excuse to see Eton in a sunnier setting, and I declare it “underrated”.  Very few of the thousands of Japanese and Italian tourists seem to make it over the bridge.

Never mind the pubs, the buildings are magnificent. The walk up High Street to the College, and back via South Meadow, is as good as anything south of the river, and reminiscent of Cambridge’s Kings Parade.  But that’s not a mile from Slough.


If the Christoper Hotel was a Banks’s pub in Walsall we would worship at its green-tiled door. Sadly, it served Hummingbird cake.


The most striking thing are the prices. A haircut cost 20 guineas, a Chelsea bun 30 shillings.  There was no sourdough in the Budgens. How do these people survive ?

I pondered some souvenirs for Mrs RM, but sanity returned in time.


The George is a stunning pub too, and a credit to Windsor & Eton Brewery. Proper seating, beer mats, and an unfussy elegance.  Dryanuary has clearly been extended in Windsor, as I had the place to myself.


Ignoring Weller’s instruction, I couldn’t finish my half of Knight of the Garter though, but then it was 10 am (early opener alert !).  Garter is a decent beer, though the best pint of it I’ve had was in a certain service station off the M40.

Lovely town, but Slough has the better beer.


  1. As a daytime drinker I’m never surprised by being alone in a pub. It seems to happen quite a lot. Based on comments this is a fairly recent change. Is this perception true?


    1. The number of daytime drinkers in pubs has greatly diminished over the past ten years. Sometime’s it’s nice to be alone, but it’s not doing the pub’s trade any good 😦

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  2. I shall have to give Knight of the Garter another chance. The only one I have had to this point was awful. It was across from Hammersmith tube station. Being in desperate need of the facilities (which are upstairs, and I had my suitcase and backpack), I stopped in and thought I should at least buy a half. It was very bad. I choose not to say anything.


  3. “but thenit was 10 am”

    I know you lot speak proper English on the east side of the Atlantic but “thenit” has me stumped (j/k).

    As for Dryanuary – pfft. I keep trying to tell folks that if you missed celebrating Dryanuary, you can make up for it by celebrating FeBEERary. 🙂


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