Bridge Ale House

The first rule of pub blogging is that you must nick other people’s ideas, but put a little link to their latest blog as a thank-you. So here’s Matthew Lawrenson’s quite brilliant review of Newcastle-upon-Lyme, which comes complete with music matching tips and psychedelic photography of an Ember Inn.

I can’t compete with Matthew’s heroic seven pub crawl, but I did walk the seven miles to N-u-L and back again, which sounds a bit like a Saxon song. (That’s not the quiz question). Walking gives you the chance to admire the towns wonderful underpass art.


Apart from a decent museum and cleaner hotels than Stoke, the highlights are, as always, pubs and churches.  I particularly like the austere exterior of the Holy Trinity, but sense I’m alone in that.  You really have to stand in the middle of the A34 to get a decent shot, and I’m not ready for that sort of sacrifice yet.


As you’d expect, I rather like Newcastle, and I can see I’ve now given all five of the town’s entries very good beer scores over recent years.  Only recently has it joined the micropub/craft beer bandwagon, but like Middlesbrough it’s jumped on with gusto.  The students from Keele mean it does well on the bar front, and now it has a bona fide collection of interesting bars.

But first here’s a proper pub,IMG_20161206_141947.jpg

Quite why Joules choose to close three weeks before Christmas I cannot guess. Just as well it’s not in the GBG, but I suspect I’ll be back there soon.

The Bridge Street Ale House was my newbie, the inevitable micro.  Like Matthew, I found it very quiet, even with a couple of other regulars. I did find it quite cosy though, albeit with the regulation high tables (do these people sit at high tables at home ?).  I used to have Fantastic Four wallpaper on my bedroom walls too, 40 years ago.  All very quirky, and probably a lot busier when the Irish sessions are on (or the Rum Bar opens).

With a vague recollection of disliking a Heavy Industry beer recently in Chesterfield (probably), I want for that, and enjoyed it a lot (NBSS 3.5).

QUIZ QUESTION – Why is the Heavy Industry beer written in Chinese

Normal people would have gone on to other recommended places, but I need to exercise strict discipline, so will save Ten Green Bottles and the Social with its Elvis Juice till later.  Maybe next time I can drag Mrs RM up here for a posh weekend away in the Travelodge and a night out at Taybarns.  See if I can get her a £10.45 vodka in the Full Moon.










13 thoughts on “DOWN CASTLE DUCK !

  1. 6.95 for DOUBLE G&T in Bar Social.
    Did you not venture as far as Hopinn or was it not open when you visited (4 PM on weekdays I think)?
    I haven’t been to Bridge Street for a bit and never during the afternoon, it was doing very well earlier in the year but the owner has opened another one in Stoke, a more difficult location which makes me wonder whether he is spinning plates to keep the two going properly.
    BTW, if it hastens your return, the Taybarns is now a Brewers Fayre; different size of microwave I think.

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  2. I always thought it was called Newcastle Under Lyne.
    I have been there a few times and have done the walk one way back to Stoke on Trent train station,but picking up some pubs i had not done along the way,which made it easier.

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  3. Ashton under Lyne Alan, Newcastle under Lyme.
    There is a wide variety of pubs on the route to Stoke via Hartshill, from very poor to not very good ( with the exception IMHO of Titanic’s Greyhound).
    Martin, I think all the Taybarns are being converted. Given the body shape of many Castle residents, Taybarns all-you-can-eat option will have made a considerable dent in Whitbread’s profits.

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    1. My mistake by typing an n instead of m,
      I have done all pubs on the main drag from Stoke to Newcastle under Lyme and done most in Stoke on Trent.


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