My laptop just expired on me so I’m on my way back home to get Mrs RM to tell me off for breaking it. So a very quick post on my mobile phone so Dave and Dick don’t think Im dead. Deaf, yes.

I’ve been in Newcastle finishing GBG entries for Tyne and Wear, and clearly enjoying my trip more than Simon.

A Skelmersdale for the east perhaps, Jarrow is not the visual highlight of the area, but I did see this in the High Street;

Your guess is as good as mine.

Actually there’s a lot of history round Jarrow, but not the sort you capture on a dark and wet Monday teatime.

We stayed in a Premier Inn just up the road a few years back. The adjacent all-you-can-eat Taybarns ought to be the World Heritage sight.

Or perhaps McGonnells Gin & Ale House deserves that status. Tucked away in “unassuming” surroundings, it’s a little gem.

It was so low-lit, I thought it closed, and surprised to meet the barmaid in the porch turning the lighting down. Hence these scary photos.

It reminded me of West Yorkshires New Beehive or Fanny’s Ale House, a glorious bit of Victoriana. A great place to read your paper or recharge your I-Phone over a Jarrow Stout of unknown origin (NBSS 3.5). Peace descended.

Back at the metro the spell was spoken by a ghetto blaster playing that local classic that goes

“A Pizza Hut, a Pizza Hut, Kentucky Fried Chicken and a Pizza Hut”.

33 thoughts on “A JARROW GEM

  1. Jarrow Stout of unknown origin<<

    Arbier is one of the two breweries that seems to have risen out of the ashes of the unfortunate closure of Jarrow Brewery, formerly of the McConnell family. The other is Great North Eastern Brewing. As I understand it, Arbier have the brewer and the recipes from JB, and GNEB have the brands, eg. Rivet Catcher. I'm not sure about the equipment.

    My guess is that your Arbier Jarrow Stout is the recipe Jarrow's McConnell's Irish Stout, but the picture's too dark to see the ABV! Last I heard the beers were being brewed at Castle Eden (now in Seaham, not Castle Eden!) but that may have changed.

    Yours confusedly,


      1. Our local vote this time was restricted to who can decide on pay increases for state officials. All bin issues have been “outsourced”. You have unlimited choice between two bin companies. Soon we will be one big private company.


    1. Great looking pub and ale. I start getting frantic about 7 AM here(1 PM there) and by 10, I am a basket case. And today due to the election that would have doubled if not for a soothing post by RM. Information on the Arbier Jarrow Stout is difficult to find.The Castle Eden website does not list beers, and a search for Arbier does not reveal anything. Very consistent with that dark theme.


      1. Now I’m back I can see Arbier in those photos, though I can’t find any info about the stout either. Very good it was. Have just got your dark reference – very good.


  2. Nice to see a pub that still has frosted glass and isn’t like a goldfish bowl for passers-by. Sad to see that the Swan With Two Necks in Stockport has now succumbed to that disease 😦

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      1. Who we hiding from? I will let you know when we are sitting there. Good to hear that once inside, all is well.


      1. On a recent visit I found the Petersgate Tap disappointing. Uninteresting decor, two of the three beers from the same brewery (admittedly and subjectively not to my taste) and a lengthy wait at the bar for one of the two staff to emerge from the office .
        Maybe it was just a bad day.


  3. Has anyone compiled the final list of pub errors: stools in front of the bar, wrong music, modern glassware, clear glass facades, no bar mats, no cask ale, food only seating, and… Curious what the ultimate anti-pub would be.


  4. Same goes for me,i do not mind if a pub does not sell any real ales,as long as the keg option is good.
    I also do not mind clear glass windows in pubs,goldfish like to look out of the bowl too.

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