I first notice the revived Lacons brand when I kept walking past one of their delivery vans parked up in Chesterton.  The styling is impressive, and their beers weren’t bad when they popped up as guests in Cambridge and Norfolk.

Since their revival in 2013, I’ve been noticing some well-preserved heritage  like this from Diss.


And they also have their own pub, a new Guide entry in little Honingham.  It’s quite a flagship too, firmly from the North Norfolk coast gastropub mould.


Mrs RM liked it a lot, but then she wasn’t driving. I admired a rather gorgeous interior while she set a new record for finishing the four beer “paddle”.


My coke scored highly, Mrs RM more impressed by the concept of “paddles” than the reality, but they were good enough.  As we all know, beer tastes better in a pint glass.

The dining room was doing good business, nicely separated from some decent pubby seating, but this is ultimately a place to bring someone’s mum, if only to see the award winning toilets and smell the amazing fire (glad I got that the right way round).

I was pleased to see it’s open all day (there’s some stylish accommodation at the back), in contrast to the equally attractive Ugly Bug just up the road in Colton.

There’s a posh golf club down the road at Barnham, but this is an ambitious pitch for dining trade in rural Norfolk.  Honingham is pleasant but tiny, with a rather affecting war memorial the highlight.


Mrs RM owes me a return trip here when she drives, but I suspect I’ll be seeing the Legacy in the Norfolk free trade again before that happy day.

10 thoughts on “THE RETURN OF LACONS

  1. I do wonder exactly what mileage there is in reviving brewery brands from fifty years ago. Nobody under retirement age will even have drunk Lacons and, to be honest, many of the defunct breweries didn’t have the best reputation when they were going. Anyone for Bents or Swales’s Swill?


    1. But if no-one can remember them then their old reputation is perhaps moot while on the plus side there is some instant heritage you can tap into. For what it’s worth I think Lacons had a decent reputation anyway.


  2. I admire your self control. It must have been difficult not to try those. Not sure whether I would have succeeded. That Oatmeal Stout looks good and sounds goods from the website description. But most do!


  3. I’ve enjoyed some excellent pints of Lacons Legacy at Darbys in Swanton Morley. My son and I also stayed at the Ugly Bug Inn at Colton, back in happier times when my parents were still in relatively good health. It’s unlikely that I’ll be going back to Swanton Morley, now the family bungalow has been sold, but the Ugly Bug remains an option as a place to stay for future visits to see dad.

    We are heading back up to Norfolk this coming weekend, but will be staying in Norwich. Plenty of good pubs, of course, but with family to visit, I’m not sure how much time there’ll be for supping.


  4. As a matter of interest, how much beer is in each of those wine glasses? It is nigh on impossible to estimate their size, logic would dictate half of a half pint, but they look bigger. The straw and the piece of fruit in the coke both should warrant a points deduction.

    Proper pub toilets should have a wonderful smell to be savoured. If they are odourless the pub is too modern. It is not nearly cold enough for a fire yet.

    There was a limited run of Hewitts done by Fugglestow a few years back. The trouble was that few remembered what the original Hewitts was like, and even then there was disagreement over how good it was as a recreation. I suspect Lacons, or any reincarnated brewery will be the same and I can’t imagine that range was brewed 60 years ago.


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