I could have lumped this one in with Cropton, but I reckon the Sun deserves some attention of it’s own.  A definite Top 100 pub contender.

It was certainly the highlight of a quick walk round Pickering,  a town that suffers from the A170 steaming through it.  The High Street was set back, but scarcely more tranquil. Plenty of pubs though, which of course redeems it.


It feels like the gateway to somewhere, rather than a destination in its own right like, say, Goole or Selby. When your highlight is a shop selling what looks like a set from Doctor Who you’ve got problems.  Coachloads of visitors clearly suggest otherwise.


We stayed here two decades ago, in a guest house of comic quality (can still taste the raw cauliflower), and nothing had changed in that time. The trains still haven’t been electrified.


So the Sun is a shining star.  As it were.

The best description I can give it is “Otley” pub. A classic stone build with lots of breweriana tastefully incorporated into an attractive drinkers pub.  If you’ve been to the Old Cock you’ll know what I mean.

Proper bench seating, distinct drinking areas despite being essentially open-plan, and outside toilets. And friendly staff, as long as it wasn’t them who put “Don’t you forget about me” on.

QUIZ TIME – Whose hand is that ?

Perhaps this should have been the place to have a pint of Tetley’s, but the Helmsley Legend seemed to be the beer of choice and Mrs RM made the appropriate noises of appreciation (NBSS 3.5). If you can work out what I had (from 21 miles away) you win whatever preceded the internet.

I’ve been whingeing about warm, tired beer for a while, but the last week has seen nearly every pub an advert for cask.

Being picky the place is a little pristine (clean) for my tastes, but that’s not a criticism Mrs RM would acknowledge.  Very definitely local pub rather than Ale Shrine.

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