Another year, another train to Leyland, another chance to be surprised at how big this town is.  35,000 people and I’m certain only 4 people in Cambridgeshire (3 of them farmers) could place it on the map. We took our children to the commercial vehicle museum once, back in the days when children could be fobbed… Continue reading LEYLAND MOTORS ON


I added a photo to my post on Chichester, seeking your views on faults in an unnamed rural pub.  I enjoyed the responses on Twitter and the blog. First things first.  The East Dean Ale & Cider House is beautifully situated in some of the best walking country in the south, and is a hardworking… Continue reading BARFLIES


WARNING – CONTAINS LINK TO DAILY MAIL CONTENT I much enjoyed Boak & Bailey’s well-written post on “classic” pubs yesterday. Buildings aren’t everything. Some of the new micropubs are more boxy than Wetherspoons conversions, and equally some have felt like welcoming public houses, others like private members clubs. Their closing comment is, itself, a classic. “Ultimately, for… Continue reading MORE CLASSIC PUBS