I didn’t have any inherently bad beer in Cornwall while I was there, just a bit too much showing the effects of warmer cellars, low turnover or too many handpumps.

The only pub I took exception to was the Falmouth Packet near Prussia Cove. WhatPub shows every possible symbol against the pub, but just one indicating a restaurant would do.  Faced with a room of empty (unmarked) tables, we were politely told we couldn’t sit at any of them because we weren’t dining, but were welcome to sit at the bar with the other reprobates.  I detest sitting at the bar on high stools.  A weird little sofa of the type you find in Indian restaurant waiting areas, good for nothing, was also available for dwarves.

We were the only ale drinkers, and none of us rated the Potion No.9, again lacking condition and coolness.  To be fair, my sister had eaten here and loved the place.

Dropped my map just here, nice boy rescues it

Polperro was determined to sustain my grumpy RetiredMartin mood the next day with its extraordinary parking charges (they could have been avoided by parking in Lyskeard but I wasn’t that desperate).

Even with St Ives like crowds, it was my Cornwall highlight, with the coastal path and cliffs a great place to try to sprain your ankle. I’d been here before and not really taken to it, which just shows how weird we can be.  I may have been influenced by the German watch seller on The Coombe who tried to send me to Argos before eventually relenting and flogging me a £24 model (I merely take care of it for the next generation, as the Philippe Patek ad goes).

Blue Peter

My beer scores suggest I was impressed by the Blue Peter a decade ago, and it was even better yesterday. Specifically, it felt like a locals pubs at which visitors were welcome, much like the Castle in St Ives the day before.

The beer range centred on St Austell and a few guests, but nearly everyone seemed to go for a cool and lovely Tribute (NBSS 3.5), so I did as well.   With tremendous fish and chips (£11) and a seaview seat, it made me very happy.  Even the lack of Wi-Fi in the pub is a plus point. The pub has much quirky character but it’s never overdone.

Proper food

The longstanding Brummy landlady is a gem, engaging in conversation with all her customers and generally being more cheery than you’d credit for such a busy pub.

Not quite as close to the beach as the Admiral Benbow but close enough to waddle your happy belly there after lunch..



  1. “I didn’t have any badly kept beer in Cornwall while I was there, just a bit too much showing the effects of warmer cellars, low turnover or too many handpumps.”

    You are losing it Martin. Warmer cellars, low turnover and too many pumps is badly kept beer.


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