I always save my trips to Herefordshire‘s new Beer Guide pubs till early Summer. Nothing beats walking in the Welsh Marches in May and June, and Wooferton Travelodge is just as cheap. I’m sure you’ll agree it loses nothing in aesthetics to the obvious competition, the slighty dearer Feathers at Ludlow.

Two years ago, this £19 Travelodge gave you access to one Herefordshire Beer Guide gem; a tenner dearer now (surely the End of Days) but walking distance from three crackers, as well as the Mortimer trail.

Shame it’s stuck on a roundabout on the A49. Simon Everitt might wish to note that you can walk to the Anchor, Anchor from here.  It only takes 9hrs 41 minutes according to Google Maps.

Baker’s Arms

Orleton’s Beer Guide newbie is a smart but unpretentious all-rounder, surviving on mid-afternoon drinking of a few village old boys outside traditional dining hours. I struggled to choose from a range of five bitters of similar strengths, all from within a ten mile or so radius.  The Hobsons Best is a safe bet (NBSS 3.5).

More than Hobson’s choice

Not quite as good as the Best I had in the nearby Boot a while back, though that was a genuinely classic pint. The other Guide pub was as characterful as anywhere in the county, outside of the classic Herefordshire alehouses like Barrels.

Pretty perfect, Boot in Orleton

You can walk the village in less than an hour, and see a lot of gorgeous buildings or enjoy the quiet on a warren of footpaths.

Back at the Travelodge, a chicken run across the A49 will take you to the third Guide entry in Brimfield’s Roebuck, and a third exemplary village pub.

Three Guide pubs within a mile, and nothing in Leominster this year.


3 thoughts on “ORLETON – A CHOICE HOBSON’S

  1. The Old Vaults in Leominster was a nailed-on entry for many years. Hopefully not fallen victim to the curse of Wetherspoon!


    1. Yes – the Old Grape Vaults what I was thinking off. Has changed hands, dropped the Marstons I remember (?) for Ludlow beers and lost it’s place. Spoons can’t help maintain turnover. Leominster looks underpubbed.


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