It’s been a bad day for Mrs RM judging by the F and C words* flying about since 4am this morning. Some folk have been noticeably happier today, but that could equally be the birthday cake.

To cheer her up we walked a mile in the rain to the Vaults in Newark, a Beer Guide place we’ve taken to now our campervan gets to regularly stay there overnight. I wanted to revisit the Blue Monkey pub with it’s polite piano on Friday nights, but then I’d have missed the sort of happenings that make pubs such a joy.

Bet Simon Everitt presses it

It was all looking quite civilised when we turned up at 8, with just a few locals having a decent home made dinner in an atmospheric cellar bar. The Pheasantry Bitter (NBSS 3.5) and local ciders were just what Mrs RM needed, accompanied by decent pasta and proper steak pie.

The Vaults before the reaper

Half-way through her second scrumpy she started tapping me furiously and shouting “Look at the Reaper, look at the Reaper“.  Sure enough, a group of black-clad folk were being blindfolded right next to that pouffe above by a silent hooded fiend dressed in blue and led away.

Mrs RM went for a look behind the net curtain near the fireplace, and came back with tales of swords and Shiraz (thankfully no Prosecco).

This is normal in Newark

The Reapers assistant, red rose on her behind, came out at intervals to direct newcomers into the coven (?).  None of them were drinking real ale so we feared for their souls.

This might be normal Friday night behaviour in Penzance or Bethnal Green, but I’ve never before seen the like.  The wonderful bar ladies shared our bemusement. Spookily, my best photo seems to have been corrupted:-

Use your imagination

Newark is a wonderful place now that the ’80s popsters have left.

*Festival and Coldplay


  1. Haha – I spotted the reference 🙂

    Hopefully it won’t be all my fault should our paths ever cross again.


  2. Ann Coffey is Blair’s former PPS, so safe to say she’s not an enthusiastic Corbynite.

    I once wrote to her on some issue and she replied saying “I will ensure your comments are passed on to the relevant department” which was basically a polite way of saying “Please don’t bother me with any more of this crap.”

    There are some MPs of whom political opponents will say “but she really looks after her constituents”, but she isn’t one of them.


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