We’ve been visiting a few stragglers in inland Cornwall, on the way to completing the county’s Beer Guide entries before Simon Everitt gets off the mark.

I’ve enjoyed the industrial landscape round here as much as the coast.  The remains of the tin mines at Porkellis Moor near Helston were particularly attractive, if a bit eerie in the silence.

I thought there’d be a few walkers, with Poldark Mine on the doorstep, but not a soul.  Industrial heritage is no match for cream teas round here.

Poldark Mine

Adjoining Wendron has one of those basic Cornish pubs that I’m sure would have felt a bit more lively later on, but with nothing to admire apart from stone walls and random photos, a quick half of a Skinners special (NBSS 3) in the New Inn was enough.

Phillack’s Bucket of Blood was rather livelier, though mainly with a pleasantly informal dining trade. The sign looks incredibly familiar;

Again a fairly standard beer range, and not a craft beer in sight. The Proper Job was excellent though, and I’d be happy to alternate that, Bass and the odd Rebel beer on my Cornwall trips.

I’ve always wanted to go to Hayle, no idea why, and I enjoyed the views over the estuary from Phillack. A little bit of marshy Essex in Cornwall.

From Hayle the walk along the eastern side of St Ives Bay to Gwithians is more traditional Cornwall, all sand dunes, expensive parking and surf shops.

The Red River Inn was the most modern of our pubs on the day, with Bays and Rebel on the bar along with Cottage, my first sighting of their novelty beers for many months.  Sadly, Thatchers and Estrella was winning the battle for the surf pound, and the Rebel Sail was not a patch on that drunk from the barrel at our nieces’s wedding.

Red River Inn, Gwithian

 I’ve no idea why the photo above is red, but I think it may be symbolic.


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