This is only marginally worthy of a separate post to be honest, but I bet no-one has ever blogged about Bacup before and I’m a glory hunter as you’ll know.

There’s not a lot to be said about Bacup apart from noting it has great scenery, and the occasional great bit of tiling. The Crown is the star here.

Rossendale is one of those clusters of towns and villages designed to confuse explorers and CAMRA branches.  The Crown could be labelled as Rossendale, Bacup or Britannia in the Guide, just to confuse Beer Guide completists like me.

Happily, the frontage to the Crown ensures you’ll never get it confused with the New Inn or the Queens. No idea what this is about, but I like “different”.

Angry punter after consuming half a glass of Stella

The interior is wonderful, being smart but homely, and drawing a good cross-section of Bacup life early evening, even a bloke in a Panama hat.  All the features you’d want are here, cosy well-worn leather seats, flagstone floors and a coal fire.

I sat away from the bar but felt part of the hubbub of village life, which seemed surprisingly dominated by weather forecasts.

A small but interesting range of beers was being drunk by the locals, including a Pictish Gold (NBSS 3) that was hard to describe.

A great local.

One unique feature at the Crown was the “write it down yourself” food ordering system, which I liked a lot.  I feel this is an idea that could be adopted by Le Gavroche or Fat Duck to avoid expensive mistakes when waiters get orders confused.


4 thoughts on “BACUP

  1. Never seen that method for ordering food before – although I have come across some odd ones in my time.

    What time did you visit the Crown, as the GBG shows it not opening until 5 except on Sundays?


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