I was interested to see on Boak & Bailey’s blog today some historic pictures of the Glasshouse (nee Glassmaker), the pub next to Pilkington’s Glass Factory in the exciting outskirts of Doncaster.

Mainly I was interested to see just how gorgeous the pub looked in the ’60s, but also because I seem to have neglected to post my own photos of the visit I made the other weekend. I’m never one to miss a bandwagon.

You might well assume that my silence on the subject reflects the dullness of the pub, but it’s actually more to do with some spectacularly poor photography, not helped by a 12 minutes turnaround on the trains (2 minutes to and from the station, do the math).  You’re better off reading Simon’s report that Boak & Bailey also link to.

I blame the shiny interior for the picture

Actually, despite my excitement at the next stop being Goole, I did note a pleasant pub with a few remaining touches of its original splendour. No idea who the bust is of.  The old newspapers cutting were interesting but cut into my eight minutes drinking time.

There appeared to be nothing else of interest in Kirk Sandall to detain you, and it’s rare I say that. Cross the River Don into Arksey and life begins (probably literally) as they say.

As Simon noted, the beer range wasn’t fantastic, though my Tom Woods was good enough.


I’ve been to a few pubs like this in South Yorkshire that aim to be slightly more sophisticated than the social clubs they probably compete with; more of a socialising than a dining pub.

Ten times more authentic than the nearby Ember Inn anyway.

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