Pub Curmudgeon can spot a good story, and this Guardian one on his Twitter account via Old Holborn is a cracker. The title is self-explanatory.

Let me reassure you that Mrs RM and I have nothing to fear from such draconian policing, but I cannot be sure of the rest of the family.

The Wurstelprater amusement park was the highlight of our Vienna visit last Summer (OK – this view was better).


It’s an old fashioned fun fair that wouldn’t compete with Alton Towers but won on the food and drinks stakes.  We gave our boys 30 euros and told them to find us when they’d spent it.  They knew where they’d find us.


Schweizerhaus is the main beer garden, and is what you’d expect. As in Munich it was packed every time we popped in there. What surprised us was the interesting range of bottled beers, from which Mrs RM picked the superior Gusswork, a Punk IPA clone.

Even at 1.30 to the £ those prices aren’t bad at all.  I did feel slightly jealous of the foaming litres of Budvar being consumed by everyone else though, washing down the vast plates of pork knuckle.


Worth a trip to Vienna just for the sight of petite Japanese ladies struggling with a litre of beer.

Sadly, no photos of the offending kebab stall exist.

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