Just back from Glossop (report to follow), and a chance to show Mrs RM how Manchester has changed in the year since her last Christmas shopping binge in the Arndale.

After a night on the craft in Glossop, I thought she’d appreciate a quick schooner in the Piccadilly Tap, as the one in Euston has impressed her a lot this year.  Luckily, Mrs RM is quite skilled at acquiring a spare seat in the busiest of pubs, having been brought up in the badlands of north Tunbridge Wells.

I think you’re supposed to give the Cloudwater IPA (6.6%) a bit more time and respect than we did, but the Tap is a place where you tend to drink quickly, following the lead of the Southampton fans around us.  A great drinkers pub and now developing a bit of lived-in character.


A quick lunch was needed; preferably a change from curry (sorry This’n’That).  Mrs RM was drawn to the attractive stylings of the even newer Cottonopolis, which also looked a bit less frantic than most of the Northern Quarter options.


Stonch blogged about this new place the other day, and his points are spot on. It’s definitely a modern restaurant, but plenty of folk were popping in  for a pre-match pint, attracted by the Tank Krusovice and a few decent German lagers.  We thought the Krusovice a bit dull, but the Runaway IPA was a good recommendation.

As a change to the meat and more meat menus just west of here, the sushi/fishy tapas were superb, particularly the mackerel and squid.  I thought the staff were exceptional, chatty and full of life.

There’s lots of little cotton-based touches that you’ll either find quirky or irritating (the bill came in a cotton reel), but it was certainly comfortable, and a place we’ll definitely return to.

I think Mrs RM found the Arndale a bit too busy today if I’m honest, she should take the same approach to Christmas as I do.

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