While enjoying my two-thirds of a Cloudwater sour at the Piccadilly Tap after the match on Saturday, I noticed that Bernard Beer was being drunk in good quantities, and was reminded of a classic pub serving Bernard closer to source.

Only the one visit but never to be forgotten, in the same way you never forget a trip to Pontfaen or High Offley, whatever you think of Bass or 6X. The Bufet Kamzik is a timewarp cafeteria selling draft Bernard beers to Slovak folk enjoying the marvellous hills north of Bratislava.  It’s a 20 minute bus trip from the Presidential Palace, followed by 20 minutes uphill walk a well marked path.  The complex at the top is the sort of thing you’d find in Matlock Bath or Snowdonia, with surprisingly good modern facilities among the forests.

The star attraction for us was the toboggan (rodelbahn) ride, 60 seconds of exhilarating windy descent on a teatray; almost as good as the one in Pottenstein.  While the boys repeated this several times, we settled in at the most basic of several cafeterias (bufets), run by a couple of elderly ladies whose grumpiness was entirely due to my Slovak.

The short menu focused on the range of Bernard beer, served very lovingly, for about 70p, and a food offer dating back to the 19th century with names like Parky and Glop.  Tasted great with ketchup though.  In the sun, Bernard 12 tasted like the best beer in the world, and the slightly pricier (£1) glasses of wine from the posher place next door was a great follow-up.

The whole complex was heaving with happy drinkers of all ages, a bit like a Munich beer garden in the sky.  Bratislava Old Town is a great weekend break as well. Just learn a bit of Slovak first.

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