I won’t be comparing Bodmin to Walthamstow (only with a Moor) here, but I did see something in the Wetherspoons that impressed and amused me.  Arriving just before breakfast ended for my unsual Eggs Benedict and coffee, I was told by the jovial barman “that’s what you want” as he pointed to an admittedly attractive Jaipur pump. I settled on a half.  He then good-naturedly, almost conspiratorially, told me about his stock of La Chouffe just waiting in the fridge for me. I almost came back for that later.

Over breakfast I heard this chap have similar conversations with other customers. I almost felt sorry for the local beer hidden behind the cakes (the other pump was also Jaipur), but less so for the normal Spoons house beers which were conspicuous by their absence.

On my way out I noticed several mature couples nursing pints of Jaipur; presumably they also just popped in for coffee and cake.

Tremendous salesmanship, and by maintaining throughput of good beer I’d call it tremendous campaigning.

NB  I should say that service in the Hole in the Wall, Bodmin’s other Guide entry, was also superb, and the pub an absolute belter, particularly for fans of decommissioned guns.


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