I’m in Berlin for a couple of nights with my son while he shops for some specialist miniature skateboard equipment. Hardly any pubs for me !

It’s our 2nd trip, and the continued revitalisation of the eastern part is startling. I reckon Boxhagen Street in Friedrichschafen is as dynamic a street as I’ve seen, standing comparison with, say, Bethnal Green High St or Ancoats.

The streets are packed with characterful looking shops, as well as very appealing eateries. The many small licensed premises seemed to be doing decent business with locals and a few tourists like us. I even saw the odd “craft” bar.

1.40 euros to the pound might not last, but at the moment there are plenty of places to eat well for less than a fiver, with a half litre of decent Pils for less than £2. Throw in the wonderful architecture and friendly service, and Berlin looks like a world bargain.

A bit too much sun for me, but it’s really brought out the drinkers and smokers.

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