Life’s not all beer and skittles etc. After a fantastic couple of long walks around Glasgow and Edinburgh, today I have a 4 hour walk around Corby.

Nowhere in Britain is without merit, and Corby has the UK’s premier skatepark which is what drags youngest son here on a regular basis. It also has some idiosyncratic Health care arrangements and former MP, but otherwise struggles against similar new towns like Runcorn.

Due to the post-war Steelworker influx, Corby can be relied on for a Scottish flavour unobtainable in England outside of Blackpool. Scotch pancakes, Irnbru (ugh) and McKewans fill aisles in Asda. A bagpiper leads out the football team and the new Wetherspoons stocks Deuchars, Innis & Gunn and Haggis at bargain prices.

Wetherspoons apart, the most compelling reason to visit may be a chance to see authentic non-real ale pubs in the south of England. Few places outside Kilburn can have such keg glories.



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