Whatever I say about beer quality (see below) in Cornwall, it’s a wonderful county when you avoid the crowds.  Gurnard’s Head gave us the coastline all to ourselves, but the walk from Carbis Bay to St Ives five miles east was clearly the designated ambling route for unfit Britons. There were some compensating views;  … Continue reading SURVIVING ST IVES


I’m visiting my sister in the “up and coming” bit of Falmouth.  Penryn has the character and history, if not the craft beer yet.  She’s living next to the pub, which is nice. We made a trip round west Cornwall (near St Ives) to the remaining Beer Guide pubs, a varied bunch.  It’s what sisters are for. … Continue reading AT GURNARD’S HEAD


Sorry about yesterday’s rant; a little information would have gone a long way. Back to deliriously happy Retired Martin today. One of the joys of travel is finding you were badly wrong about a place you’d thought had little discernible merit.   Calne is a place I’d written off on the basis of one previous trip from… Continue reading YES YOU CALNE