25th March 2023.

Weekends round my parents are a good time to take Dad out exploring Fenland villages, and making sure Mum has enough food in the fridge (er, yes). Oh, and keeping Chung Hwa in business.

It’s been a while since I managed to get Mum out and about though beyond Scotsdales cafe, so I was delighted (and a bit shocked) when she, rather than us, suggested Saturday lunch at the pub opposite the garden centre.

It was a quarter to twelve, so no time for debates about booking first, or checking the menu, or leaving it till Sunday. Just get in the car and head to the Plough and Fleece.

Mrs RM dashed in at opening time and asked if we could have a seat in the ancient front bar, rather than the conservatory, while I parked up.

I brought Dad here a year ago, and just reading that post now I see it was Mum who suggested I take him then. Does she have shares in this community pub ?

I’d invest a tenner here; it’s a lovely place where the Landlady beat Mum to ask me to close the door to keep the heat in. Unlike certain pubs this last year, it was toasty in the Plough & Fleece, as gentlefolk demand.

The pub’s been in and out of the GBG in a branch with strong competition, but they’ve settled on local beers (cask from Waterbeach, crafty keg from Brewboard from just south of town),

and Mrs RM enjoyed both of those so I reckon we’re spoilt in Greater Waterbeach.

Mum and Dad really enjoyed a proper trip out, commenting on all the comings and goings and the old photos of one of South Cambridgeshire’s prettiest villages.

The sausage rolls and cheese scones at the garden centre across the road are actually pretty good, but it’s not as special as a pub meal under oak beams, picked from a simple lunch menu;

Carrot and coriander soup, but you guessed that already.

A successful lunch, and no, it didn’t stop us getting the full Chinese takeaway on the dot of 5pm.


  1. My mother finally drank a stout with me two months prior to her passing. She loved it. I now think “Mom, we could have been doing this for years!” Another person who missed beer because they think all dark beers are heavy…

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